Good Morning


Yesterday was the hottest day of the year. It seems not only in Switzerland but in most of Europe. I was shocked to see the photos of beaches in England, my original homeland, crowded with people. There would have been many more had the car parks not been too full and the limit of visitors exceeded and were turned back. Is that really the essence of enjoyment?. I know everyone does not have the luck to have a garden, but escaping to the coast, being gridlocked all the way on the road only to arrive and find thousands of others had the same idea is not my idea of enjoyment. Mr. Swiss found it was far too hot to sit outside, so he remained indoors. I did not have a choice and scootered my way to the store for some shopping. I found it no so bad in the heat as there was a pleasant breeze as I made my way and the store was air conditioned.


There were another small group of musicians in our town but I had a pleasant surprise. I decided for a photo and one of the young men told the young lady with the violin to turn and smile for me, as the other two did as well. I captured a wonderful view of the three. They then began to play and I must say it was very pleasant. She was quite good on the violin and I suspect they were music students earning some extra holiday money. I do not think they were Swiss and were just travelling around.


I also scootered past our so-called Elfi Uhr (11 o’clock clock). It is quite unique to have such a wonderful clock in our town and before I go in to detailed explanations, it would be better if you read this link 11 i Uhr. It would explain everything I hope. We have a thing with 11 in our little town. The clock itself is an artistic master work and it really does chime our Solothurn song

The song might seem familiar and the tune is probably an adaption. Just a short word to the four sisters “Geschwister Bibberstein” who are singing the song. They are a local group, been known for many years here and yes, I happen to be a friend of the lady on the left. The langage they are singing in is our local Swiss German dialect.

And now to move on. Today is the Swiss National Day, and all the stores are closed in the country. A bit of a nuisance on a Saturday but I have all I need. food supplies are organised and for a change we have really two days of rest on the week-end. Yesterday evening I heard fireworks exploding all evening. Some people just cannot wait. There is usually a local firework display, but due to Corona this year there is none.Β  Our cases are now rising again and it seems to me that there is a little indecision in what to do: Wear a mask everywhere, have another lock down or just continue with care and keep your distance. However our 220 cases of the disease during the day yesterday are nothing compared to other countries where they have hundreds and thousands regularly. We still have a couple of hospital admissions, but nothing too many.


It seems to be bee time in my garden at the moment, and they were everywhere yesterday enjoying the sun and the pollen on the flowers. This one was sitting on my savoury plant that I use for flavouring beans when I cook them.


And I close with greetings from our town of Solothurn. I will probably be on small trip to the castle this afternoon with my electric wheelchair. I have not used it since last Monday as I now use my scooter more, especially for shopping. However the wheelchair is quite good as I can hang my camera around my neck for taking photos of the local scenery. I will probably be on my way to the local castle cutting through the cemetery on the way. It is so peaceful at the moment outside on the porch, there are some days that you can really enjoy.

21 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. So much to tell – you REALLY should be employed by the Verkehrsverein Solothurn! I never saw the 11i clock either on any of my visits!
    I honestly don’t think that having the shops closed on this Saturday is a hardship for anybody. Think of all the employees who, for once, just for once, have a day off. We are all very well able to shop for a few days, one would think. I had to go yesterday morning and at 9h15 there was a queue of 15 shopping-trolley-holding in front of the already crowded Migros. Things then proceeded at a good speed but I’ve never experienced anything like that. Still, we COULD go shopping and there was still plenty of foodstuff at this time. I treated myself to a 3-stem sunflower potted plant, my second one this summer. Needs plenty of water but gives joy over many, many weeks.
    Also, we had the ‘surprise’ of listening to a huge fireworks at midnight – luckily we weren’t sleeping yet but already tucked in, so we didn’t even know how close or big the ‘explosions’ were. I was thinking once more of all the poor pets and their owners, of small kids awakening to the noise and not knowing why and I was thankful that we don’t have any of those situations in our household presently. So many fireworks were cancelled because of C19, I was surprised that ‘this’ one was being allowed. Enjoy your Birthday of Switzerland!

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    • Our Migros never gets so crowded and I could shop at leisure yesterday afternoon. Now that I have my scooter I can hang my rollator on the back and pick and choose myself. It was such a nuiscance wheeling around in the wheelchair and trying to get the stuff to the cash desk. I used to go to our MMMMM++++ Migros in a nearbye village when I had the car, but that is now finished. I am just surprised that for a Migros in a Kantonshaupstadt of Solothurn we have no great selection. Luckily I have a branch just along the road from me, but they have no butchers and it is all packed meat. Today is accompanied by exploding fireworks all day . I do not know what is happening this evening but we do not have our usual town firework display.


    • Today I went for a tour around the castle, Our village is a ghost town and I only met two chickens on the way and a pony in the local stable. I do my rides in the afternoon, I am too busy during the mornings for a journey somewhere. It will be a very quiet weekend with everything closed for two days.


  2. Good afternoon, your header doesn’t display on my Chromebook. The picture with bees reminds of penstemon. I now have a small fan that blows a cool breeze to help with the extreme heat.b Enjoy your holiday and stay safe.

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    • Sounds a bit much I know, but without a car and being the only person to deal with the shopping I have to be mobile. I can deal with the shopping better with the scooter.


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