RDP Friday: Unready


Are you ready for the sales
It is time to find your luck
Just look at this great choice
So choose what you can pluck
They are the clothes that no-one bought
But then they were too dear
They cost now just half the price
There is nothing more to fear
That short green dress, without a waist
In a colour of poison green
It would be a wonderful option
To be the carnival queen
And the trousers with the flashy pattern
With nothing that would match
But search some more amongst the tops
A red blouse is a good catch
Think of all the money you save
When all is now half price
But buying nothing is a bargain
Saving money is always nice.

RDP Friday: Unready

7 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Unready

    • I seem to remain the same size and have a good online company for getting clothes on line. With the years you know what you like to wear. There was a store in town where I could buy the clothes I liked, but they closed and it is difficult with mobility to choose and try on what you want to buy.


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