FOWC with Fandango: Perfunctory


This morning I was sitting outside on the porch eating my breakfast: the usual bread, butter and jam. It was nothing special, but I was alone with a computer and there was only the distant sounds of bird song and I enjoyed every mouthful.

However, as always, when eating there are always traces left on the paper serviette of jam, perhaps some butter. I do not bother with plates, just a layer of paper serves the purpose.

First all of the usual fly arrived, sat on a blob of jam and began to do whatever flies do. I think they absorb. I decided that the life of a fly is hard enough when they fly around in the kitchen, hunted by a wild housewife with a fly swatter in her hand, so I let him get on with it and perhaps enjoy his last supper, although it was morning. If he crossed my path later in the morning when I was cooking, there would be no holds barred, him or me and with view of our sizes, it would be him.

And then he suddenly had a colleague. He was no longer absorbing alone but had company and a somewhat larger insect arrived. He (or she) made itself comfortable and also began to absorb. At least I think it was absorbing, it is difficult to tell with the insects, but he was definitely not pretending and I could hear no munching sounds..

The fly had already moved on, he had breakfast, dinner and tea in one splodge of jam, but the new arrival had never had it so good. Thanks to the fact that he was interesting photo material I left him to his own devices. An hour later it was still sitting in the same place. Was he just pretending or was it a real feast. One thing I am sure of, I will let the insects do their thing when outside. It is their meaning of life (apart from increasing the size of the race I suppose) he was not pretending. Every absorbance was probably a matter of life or death to this insect. I wonder if he will return tomorrow.

FOWC with Fandango: Perfunctory

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