Good Morning

Sky over Feldbrunnen

Nothing seems to  be working as it should this morning. I had a new update on a programme that I never use on my Apple computer, called garage band. Now who needs a garage band. Anyhow I have it so as a true computer friend decided to do it. It naturally slowed everything down including my photo apps. It has been going for an hour and now it is at last finished. However, what’s the rush, I have all day with no particular appointments on my calendar, except for a visit to the store this afternoon.

As you may know or may not know, I now have my very own scooter with all the trimmings. The guy brought it yesterday morning and so I had another juggling act to perform: cook dinner, look after my cleaning woman, and deal with the usual daily chores and this until 11.00 a.m. when he arrived punctually as always. He is a very nice guy and is almost becoming a family friend as he is now responsible for not only my scooter but that also of Mr. Swiss who has the same model. They are both powered by battery and I have an attachment on mine to hang my walker on the back, which will be very useful when shopping.

It might seem strange that we both need such assistance but Mr. Swiss has back problems and can no longer walk so well and I have MS. These things appear in golden oldie years and you just have to accept them. Anyhow I spent the afternoon reading through the manual of instructions. I was really planning on a maiden voyage on my scooter yesterday. I knew how it works through practice with Mr. Swiss scooter, but I just wanted to take a journey. However, the heavens decided to open at the  beginning of the afternoon, complete with thunder and a thorough downpour so that was that, no journey. I could have gone an hour later, but something else cropped up,

I had a delivery from the postman of my special vacuuming device for freezing goods in vacuumed plastic. Another manual to read and I discovered that you have to be an expert to understand the whole thing. There were so many warnings about getting burned and starting a fire as well as electrocution that I decided no. The explanations were not very good and I managed to seal the plastic bag, but the vacuuming device was not working. Eventually I gave up and decided that it was nothing except expenses, and now this piece of helpful nothing is in the cellar and I will continue to let my meat be vacuumed by the butcher at the store. Eventually I was too stressed out and tired to even look at the computer, so yesterday was a day of silence online from my side.


However I do have a few photos from my last visit to town on Monday, probably the last visit I will be making in my electric wheelchair. This is our main Swiss Reform church. They stick to the basics, nothing ornate, but it also has it charm.

I now have a scooter and wheelchair, and spoilt for choice. However it is always good to have a backup – you never know. My wheelchair has a new battery. In the meanwhile I asked the guy how the situation was with the old battery, and he said he had tested it and it was really only bringing out 30% power, meaning it was on its last legs.  I am now fully powered and ready to go.


We also had a musician in town. It was interesting to see a harp player for a change and it was not too bad. The harp itself was a good subject for a photo.  I took the photo with my zoom lens as I do not like to get too close to the musicians, although they should be glad for the publicity I am giving them. It is a shame I cannot let you hear the music.


I also wheeled past the main town book store. It has been here since I can remember, and also in the memories of Mr. Swiss who grew up here. It really has everything and in my pre Kindle days I would order all my books here and they had them within a couple days. Afterwards I ordered online and now I just read Kindle, although at the moment, with the exception of a reality account of the english spy Guy Burgess and his leaving England for Russia, I am reading nothing special and I do not even have enough time for that.  I should really read more.


And so I eventually left town, casting a last glimpse upwards to the tower on our cathedral. We really have a town full of  churches and spires.

Have a great day everyone, make the most of it and avoid you know who floating in the air, so keep your distance and wear a mask if your country tells you so. I do not understand this coronus virus. One day, Monday, we “only” had 65 new cases in the complete country and yesterday we were up to 165 again. No-one talks about the Swiss statistics on the international news, we probably have too few. I only hear about Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain to mention just a few. We are probably not so interesting.


21 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We are quite glad to be mostly out of the BIG news channels. And we’re world champions in ststistics! Surely you know the saying of one high up worker in statistics: I only believe the statistics I’ve manipulated myself!
    Great post, thank you.

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  2. I think where corona is concerend not rating a mention in the statistics is a good thing.
    The twists and turns in the stories about the Cambridge spies was very interesting. I especially enjoyed “Spycatcher” by Peter Wright, a former MI5 Officer. You no doubt remember the “Spycatcher Trial” when the British Government wanted to ban the book from being published. Wright’s lawyer was a young Australian called Turnbull who eventually became Prime Minister of Australia (not a very good one admittedly) but I admired him for winning that case.

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    • I read Spycather many years ago, perhaps it is worth a reread I somehow remember that it caused quite a disturbance at the time. When I was reading the Burgess story many familiar names from the Brits kept cropping up. Interesting about your Mr. Turnbull.

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      • The Spycatcher trial was during the Thatcher era. Peter Wright, after leaving MI5 without the pension he was meant to get retired to Tasmania to become a farmer I believe. That’s why the book was published in Australia first (1987). That’s how Mr Turnbull got involved. Some people say Wright was just a disgruntled employee but I don’t think so. David loved that book and both of us read it . more than once. There was also a very good BBC series I think it was called The Cambridge Spies 2003, about Philby, Burgess, Blunt, Cairncross and Mclean

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  3. Good Morning!
    That is unfortunate about the vacuum sealer. Although I dislike such modern contraptions, I know they are very useful for storing food to be frozen, which is better than canning it.
    It seems that many European towns are crowded with a disproportionate number of disproportionately large churches. I sort of wonder who attends services in all of them. There are more than a million people in San Jose, and only one cathedral, which does not seem to be any larger than the Swiss Reform Church in Solothurn. There are plenty of other churches, and some are even bigger then the Cathedral, but they are not such prominent buildings.

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    • I am also not a fan of new machines, until I get the hang of them.
      Swiitzerland has two main religions. The reform church and Roman Catholic and the majorities are according to where you live. We live in a catholic area and the churches are always full. It seems that Saturday evening is the favourite time to go. Mr. Swiss belongs to a Swiss Reform Church family, although he doesn’t take it so seriously. As I belong to nothing it never bothered me so much. I once attended midnight mass at Christmas in the cathedral as my No. 2 son was a member of the choir and it was packed – standing room only.

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    • I cannot understand that people seem to think everything is normal and not taking care. Many Swiss have rediscovered their own country, and there are always those that must get away somewhere. Spain is not a good choice as you must quarantine for two weeks when you return. We are at home as we can no longer go very far, but that’s ok.


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