Good Morning


This is a super quick good morning. My cleaning lady is here and the guy with my new scooter will be arriving any minute now. I just had time for a quick photo from my “office” window to show that the sun is shining.

Will be back later.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon it is for ‘pits’ that it raining so you can’t enjoy your new scooter. We got unwelcome and sad news yesterday. Some one in the building has tested positive for corovid-19. My hearing aids is this afternoon and my husband will have tooth pulled. Wear your mast and stay safe.

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  2. Hope you had a nice day. It’s after midnight now so I’m late catching up. We too had a lovely sunny day here. It threatened rain once or twice but it never appeared so I still had to water the tomatoes, beans and cucumbers. Have a nice weekend.

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