FOWC with Fandango: Epic

War Monument Solothurn 19.03.2019

We have a war memorial in our town in the corner of the museum park. Switzerland is known as a neutral country and does not partake in wars, but we have soldiers. In wartime they were engaged in guarding the borders to stop anyone entering or leaving. There is a story that circulates in our area of the American soldier that was shot down in his plane and saved himself by parachute. He landed in a field and was confronted by a guy in uniform. He immediately surrendered thinking he had landed in Germany and would be taken prisoner-of-war. Luckily it was only the local Swiss postman so no arrests were made. The postman was quite surprised of course.

However we did have our soldiers and still have a full time army (3 weeks a year for each able bodied man). And so our brave soldier sits naked on a stone with just a sword for protection and a helmet. I do not know who had the idea for this sculpture, but it is certainly something completely different. We just do not do heroes here.

FOWC with Fandango: Epic

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Epic

  1. If this guy thought he was in Germany when he was actually in Switzerland, it is no surprise that (a) he mistook a postman for a soldier and (b) that he crashed in the first place!


    • Switzerland is so small, you can fly over it and not realise you did. It is a story people tell here, so somewhere there must be some truth. Otherwise they intererned the Amrican and British soldiers in Switzerland until the end of the war. The kids loved the yanks, the seem to have had an unendless supply of chewing gum to distribute.

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