RDP Sunday: Design


This is one of our fountains in our local town of Solothurn. We have 11 fountains because in Solothurn you have 11 of everything. Even the steps to our cathedral are in elevens.

This fountain shows our town patron saint St. Urs. Urs had a colleague, Viktor, and he shares the town patronage with St. Urs. They are always referred to together as St. Urs and Viktor. Unfortunately the story tells that they were both beheaded, although the whole historic past is too complicated for me to discover why.

I am drifting. I just wanted to mention that I  found this quite a good example of design, especially the guy with the water spout at the bottom and the wings on his ears. To add to it it is always decorated with flowers. This is also the fountain that one of the town student groups use to christen their students by throwing them into it.  My No. 2 son remembers it well when he was a teenager.

RDP Sunday: Design

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