FOWC with Fandango: Aid

Im Reich der Sinne  08.05.1008

In the six years that I was a member of the village first aid group, many were the exercises I took part in . Here I am at the front on the right. We were all masked and it had nothing to do with the corona virus. We were testing our taste buds. We were given various samples of food and had to guess what it was. All in the name of first aid exercises. I can tell you that being given a spoonful of lemon juice and not seeing it, is not a very pleasant experience.

Bild 052

Of course we also practiced the more serious accidents and had a choice of various dummies to try out resuscitation with mouth to mouth practice. I got the badge three times for that. I also did the accounts for the group, being one of the few that understood computers in the group. I was also responsible for our original web site. However, this was now long ago and today I am the one that needs help. We did so many exercises on floor level and today I could not even stand up without help. It was a fun time, we were a good group, and also had our social evenings of course in a local restaurant.

It is a Swiss organisation, and almost every village and definitely every town has its so-call “Samaritans”, although here the meaning of the word is first aid help.

FOWC with Fandango: Aid

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