RDP Saturday: Magical


Not only are my orchids producing one bud after the other – three plants now ready to go – but look at my amaryllis.

Someone should have told her that her flowers were to be shown around Christmas, but this one just couldn’t wait. It goes to prove that never throw your amaryllis away when it is finished, because it is never finished, it is thinking about producing the next flower or two.

I kept it in its pot and let the leaves grow. Eventually the leaves have done their growing and decided to shrivel a little. In the meanwhile I began to feed it with fertiliser throughout the summer in its resting place outside in the fresh air. It was just sitting in its pot and I thought doing nothing. This morning I rearranged my plants and put the pregnant orchids on the table and then I saw it.

My pink flowering amaryllis with the red stripes in the flower had given birth. Not a word did she say, no morning sickness. A bud has appeared quietly and is now ready to go, even if a bit premature. The last flower was at Christmas and this one is developing for an August birth it seems. There is only one word for it – magical.

RDP Saturday: Magical

8 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Magical

    • I never throw an amaryllis away and have had a few that have flowered again. It is possible and not really a lot or work. Just keep them through the summer. i just didn’t expect this one to already produce a new flower bud.

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