Good Morning


I ask what I have been doing since I stopped hugging the bed. Apart from a couple of daily photos, nothing very much – just wasting time browsing around the computer when I should really get on with breakfast and writing a few morning words.

Here I am eventually, under a blue sky with a few drifting clouds. It is an improvement on yesterday when I drove wheelchair for the first time in the rain. As advised by my wheelchair expert I had covered the manual driving controls with a plastic bag to protect them which worked really well. Otherwise the chair performed very well, only the driver got a little wet at the edges. The drive to the supermarket was wet to say the least, but when I arrived the skies cleared and the rain stopped – typical. I had to go to the store to get the remains of the week-end shopping. When the shopping was completed I left my two bags full for the guys that bring it home and made the return journey through town.


Everything was looking as it always does: there were no so many people, but the rain probably kept most of them away and the market place was quite empty. Just look at the ground, the cobblestoned streets. Apparently it is supposed to be quaint and in the fashion of the days gone bye. However in those days they had horses and not vehicles with wheels that feel every bump you go over.


As I left the central town I looked back on its walls. I have to pass through the Biel Gate in the middle to get to the stores which are placed on the fringe of the town. We actually now only have two grocery stores for our town and I usually always use the same one. I have their app on my iPhone complete with all the methods to just have it scanned at the cash desk and no more fiddling around with plastic cards. You just have to find the right place on the app. I can tell you it is not always so straight forward. Using the app is no problem, but finding them on the mobile phone.


I saw this guy standing where he is always standing near the entrance of our so-called Jesuit church. I have no idea who he is and could not even find him in Internet. We seem to have a church for everything here.

So after getting the groceries, I took a quick visit to the chemist opposite for Mr. Swiss medicine and to get a new bottle of my Vitamin D drops which I take daily. I do not really know why, but the doc seems to think they would be ideal for a golden oldie. I also stocked up on a few frozen items at the store. Next week on Saturday everything is closed because the 1st August is a Swiss fourth of July. We all get patriotic. Fire are lit on the mountain tops and everyone (except for us) grills meat outside in the evening, weather permitting. We used to have firework displays, but this year I think they are not being permitted. Too much getting together and encouraging corona to partake in the celebrations. It does not really bother me as I am not a firework fan – too much noise.

Today I do not really have to go anywhere, so will probably just do a local visit somewhere in the village for a few local photos. I might do another practice run on Mr. Swiss scooter, but this time outside in the free world and not just around the underground garage. I will be so glad when I get my own scooter this week, as shopping will have a completely different method. I can again walk with my walker for support in the store and not circulate everywhere with the wheelchair as I can take the walker with me on the special attachment  on the scooter – no problem.

And now I should really get into action. I have a few things in the apartment to do, have a shower and cook a chicken for lunch. I am sure you all also have your daily chores to deal with so I will now leave you in peace. Have a good one, enjoy the day and not forgetting – death to all hairy peas floating in the atmosphere.


16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I am sure you will have great fun with with the scooter. We call them Gophers although the proper name is Mobility Scooter. We don’t even have gophers in Australia so not really sure why we do that.

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  2. Good afternoon it is still hot and dry outside but there is a cooling wind in the mornings. I am not doing a lot as I have had a difficult day last week that tried me out. Good luck with learning about the scooter and enjoy your ride. Pictures of your town give a view of your life. Stay safe!

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    • Didnt really do a lot today, just survival exercises like some cooking and eating. Went for a short journey around the village this afternoon. I didn’t even have to go shopping as the freezer and fridge are full.

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  3. I suspect the statue is of the Jesuit founder St Ignatius (of) Loyola; seems reasonable, right? Love your website, fine photos, and informative too. BTW I went to school in West Ham, tlater aught briefly with Scottish Hammers-player John Cushley. Also my wife has maternal roots in Hemberg, due east of Bauma Switzerland

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    • You are probably right with the statue, as it is on the wall of Solothuns Jesuit church, well done. My dad was from Stratford, mum from Bethnal Green where I grew up and we were All Hammers supporters. My days of football were in the sixties when Bobby Moore was captain of the Team.. I spent the first two years of Swiss life in Züruch, although was never in the Bauma area. Now married for 51 years and living in a village next to Solothurn.


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