FOWC with Fandango: Cajole


His presence was first noticed on the ceiling, just hanging there all curled up together. I did have ideas of encouraging him (or her) to perhaps climb into a glass jar: even crawl onto a piece os paper where I could perhaps transport it into the garden where I am sure it would be happier, but no chance.

The next day I saw it (I decided to stay with it as I am really not sure what its gender is)  crawling on the wall. This was all happening in the bedroom. However, up to now we are both alive and not choking on spiders.

And today it was sitting happily on one of the curtain stripes and then horror. I have no carpets, I do not like them as they are dust holders. I have wooden floors and there I saw a small brown bundle next to the bed after the cleaning. Was it my pet spider (I called him Fred in the meanwhile) that had met its last minutes seeing the sole of my shoe without me noticing it. It was not, and there was Fred now back on the ceiling and I am sure he was waving with one of its eight legs. It is still there and no matter how appetising I make the outside world by opening the window, he has decided the bedroom is more comfortable.

I really should not sleep on my back as I then tend to have an open mouth if I might snore and you never know what Fred might decide during the night.

FOWC with Fandango: Cajole

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