July Photo a Day Challenge: 22. Rare


This is a very rare event, never happened before. I have had various orchids for a few years, I kept them after they flowered hoping they would flower again, but they never did. This year I put my flowerless and budless orchids on the porch, gave them water once a week as usual and suddenly what did I see. Rows of buds, they had decided to flower again. This is just one plant, but I have three more also with buds.

I have no secret method, it just happened. Of course I am now giving them fertiliser to ensure that the buds stay and develop. I cannot even remember what colour they were.

July Photo a Day Challenge: 22. Rare

2 thoughts on “July Photo a Day Challenge: 22. Rare

  1. They do that sometimes. I never liked my orchid that was a gift, but could not get rid of it while it continued to bloom . . . and it did for a few years. Then, by the time I started to appreciate it, it finished blooming for the last time, and suddenly died.

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    • I am sure it is because the climate is better for them in Summer, and I have it outside on the porch. I just have to be careful that it is not in the full sun and the leaves get burnt.

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