Good Morning


After our storm yesterday afternoon that came and went, it looks like the weather has now calmed down. I was sitting out on the porch yesterday afternoon when there was a bright light and afterwards the noise of something exploding, and then the rains came down. I was in shelter, so no big problem.  This went on for a couple of hours and in between we even had sun. I was hoping to show you all a photo of a glorious rainbow, but that did not happen unfortunately.

Needless to say I spent the afternoon at home. There was not really a great choice as I cannot chance a journey in my wheelchair with a weakening battery, although today I should get a new one.

I also went for another practice run with Mr. Swiss new scooter down in our garage. There is plenty of space there to practice and I am now getting used to it. I will have a word with the guy when he arrives today to order one. I have checked and there are quite a few additions I can make. The main advantage would be the holder for my walker. I have actually seen one being used and it hangs on the back of the scooter, no problem and I would not have to drive around in my wheelchair in the store. I can still manage with the walker for enclosed spaces as the supermarket and it would be easier to get stuff from the top shelves.  I will also be glad when I have the scooter as I have an appointment with the doc beginning August and I can then go with the scooter and take the walker which will be easier than the local train and walking through the cobblestoned town streets with my walker.


As I am not going places at the moment, I only have a few local photos to offer. Flies are always in abundance in Summer but I am quite good with the swatter. I think this one was sitting on the escape key of the computer to make a quick getaway, but he did not get far after the photo session.


It is also time for the bees on the buddleia at the moment. We do not have such monster bees as in the photo, I just zoomed it up a bit.


Hawk moths are also buzzing around the flowers having a feed on the pollen.

I have really had to plan the week carefully as not being able to go shopping regularly I had to make sure that there would  be enough food for a few days. However,  thanks to my logistical talents we will survive until tomorrow. I think the guy with the new battery is coming in the later half of the afternoon so I will not have a good chance to get any shopping today. However I have enough cold cuts until this evening, even tomorrow evening if necessary, and tomorrow’s lunch will just have to be spaghetti and a tuna fish sauce which is always something I have in store.

At least when I have a scooter and an electric wheelchair I will be prepared to all emergencies. My son is very good at helping with fetching a few emergency rations from the store, but I actually enjoy doing my shopping myself. I can no longer depend on Mr. Swiss. Today he is again at the dentist, tomorrow and Friday and then the work will be completed with his new tooth.

And now to depart for other tasks. I will be back later.



14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You already sound like you are going to have fun on your new scooter. Car? What’s that? I am so glad this has all worked out so well for you. I will be waiting to see you and Mr Swiss having your picture in the news as the coolest couple in town.

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  2. good afternoon, it must be a relief to have your battery install. It is interesting to see your insect pictures. My insect books have been donated to our library. It did reach 100F./35C. yesterday, it is cloudy today as thunderstorms are forecast and we are under a fire warming. The protesters did not tear up Boise last night. I sleep most yesterday but feel better. Stay safe.

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    • Yes at last I am full power again.i find insects interesting especially through the closeup lens of the camera. Thunder. And rain today so I don’t have to give water to the garden


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