FOWC with Fandango: Cynical


It must be almost 30 years ago when Mr. Swiss and I bought a raincoat. They were the newest Neoprene developments in fibre and excellent for rain protection. He went first and chose the nice blue-green version on the right, so I was left with the shocking pink-green on the left. The colours were quite fashionable at the time I suppose, but I always preferred the one that Mr. Swiss chose. Anyhow they served their purpose for a few years and like everything else they eventually wandered down to our second closet in the cellar but they were always there, just a little neglected.

Since my main travel method is now wheelchair I decided to revive the neoprene rain jacket, but the one belonging to Mr. Swiss. I always preferred the colours and he has not worn it for years. I am convinced he even forgot he had it. I did asked him and he said “no problem” although I am not sure if he knew what I was talking about.

However when he saw the jacket, he spruced it up for me, removed a few marks and I was a happy bunny. As we had no great rain storms I had not yet worn it. Today there was a clap of thunder and Mr. Swiss decided he could wear his raincoat. Yes, the one I revived for myself of course. I explained that I now intended to wear it myself, but memories often have short legs, and he had forgot the original quest I made in the cellar. We had a short misunderstanding but eventually he found an even better raincoat that had disappeared in the annals of his past.

And so the problem was solved, although he found it was not raining and did not need a raincoat. He left for the dentist without a raincoat. Since it has not stopped thundering and raining in tumults. He is still away and I am not quite sure how and when he will return without a raincoat in his scooter.  As we say – not my problem. Perhaps I am now being just a little cynical.

FOWC with Fandango: Cynical

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