Good Morning


And what a lovely morning it is with blue skies in between after a rain shower in the early morning which really was good for the garden and the plants: and what a great view from my porch, even if there is a building there. As I sit here I have the smell of lunch cooking in the kitchen.

I am a bit stranded at the moment as the battery in my wheelchair is no longer so dependable, but the good news is that I will be getting my new battery for the wheelchair tomorrow, meaning I will again be mobile. On the other hand I am still toying with the idea of a scooter as Mr. Swiss has. I have discovered that the scooter also has an attachment for my walker to take with me, and also a very good firm protective cover against rain. My mind is almost made up and I will be practicing with Mr. Swiss scooter this week. I could go shopping with the scooter, park it outside the store and otherwise be more mobile with my walker in the store. 


I was missing some photos on my last excursion to the local farm. Luckily they were still in my camera, although nothing special. Just a few chickens enjoying the fresh air,.


Even the rooster was keeping an eye on everything.


On my way to the local store I always pass this church on the road and on the left of it there is a senior home. It is all quite near where I live. Even one of my ex neighbours lives in the home.


We even have a stonemason on the road home. I think he has supplied all of the gravestones in the local cemetery.

At the moment my cleaning lady is here doing the necessary. I feel almost a little guilty cooking after she has finished in the kitchen. My No. 1 son now has three weeks holiday, so he is also at home. Usually he would now be on his annual two week holiday in Italy, but this year corona has taken over everything, and Italy is not exactly the best place to be at the moment. However, he is quite happy to hug the bed a little longer in the morning and spend the afternoons taking a trip into town. He no longer goes anywhere in the evening and I am glad. You have to be so careful with this virus floating around.

Otherwise life seems to slowly be getting back to normal in our little country, although keeping a good distance is still the No 1 criteria and being masked on public transport.  You see masked people now and again in public, but not so many


I managed to take a photo of a butterfly yesterday in the garden. It is nothing special, but it was nice of her/him to keep still for the moment.


And I am now on my way to finish the daily meal. Keep safe and well, see you around.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Such a wonderful morning where you live … it is hot as the gates of hell here …. seriously …. today heat index is supposed to be 108 fahrenheit … ugh …. have a great day … SLP ….

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  2. The scooters are also better about going “off road” to take pictures. The chairs are not meant to deal with anything but very flat surfaces. Some of the best scooters are quite zippy, too. Garry and I had a lot of fun with them when we rented them on one of our vacations.

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    • I had another practice run with Mr. Swiss scooter this afternoon and am definitely going to get one. I can even get a complete cover for it against bad weather and will have an attachment to take my walker with me. They are special scooters for handicapped people. I will be keeping my wheelchair, so I will be completely mobile eventually. The handy thing with the scooter is that I can park it in town if I have a visit to the doc or otherwise.


  3. Good afternoon. Every time I see your pictures of farm animals as these were a norm in growing up. We were a mile and haft from ours are school and if cut thru the farmer’s field it was only a mile. His cattle grease the field in the spring he had bull in the field. We never knew when the bull was there. I like seeing pictures of butterflies, I have never a yellow one here. There a small blue I saw in the forest near water. The waiting for a battery is wearisome, good luck. Wear your mask and stay safe.

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    • Growing up in London I very rarely saw farm animals and so I really treasure them now. We have many different butterflies here although they have now become a little scarce in my garden. I will be getting my bettery tomorrow and will also be ordering a scooter. there are certain things that are important for me in age and one is mobility.

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