FOWC with Fandango: Equivocate


Equivocating became a hobby of mine, I was quite good at it. This photo of my desk when I was a working woman really takes me back to the days when life was mainly making documents for shipping goods all over the world.

Being the only Brit in the company with an english mother tongue, my main countries were english speaking, amongst others Asia and the middle East. Whether it was China or perhaps even Pakistan it was Letter of Credit business where you had to complete documents exactly according to the words written in the Letter of Credit and that was not always easy.

However, my boss would keep an eye on it all, meaning he left it up to me to do the right thing. He would often ask whether I had solved this or that problem, and so my answer was always I am working on it. That seemed to make him happy, although on my side of the desk it was really more luck than judgement.  I noticed that “working on it” gave him a secure feeling.

I would add I never had a Letter of Credit that  failed. We always got the money somehow.

FOWC with Fandango: Equivocate

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