Good Morning


It is certainly a sunny one this morning and it looks like we are having a week of sunshine with high temperatures according to the weather prophets. I do not mind. I prefer something constant from daily changes when you really do not know whether to go out and take the rain jacket with you.


Yesterday I only made a short excursion to the local store. It is the smallest branch we have, but I am discovering that their choice is just as good as the store in town. It was only opened last year in November, so quite modern in interior design with plenty of space for wheeling around in my chair, light and air. Their choices of groceries are also very good and always fresh. Even their meat is quite good, although only pre-packed. I suppose employing qualified butcher would weigh down on their budget. However I was on the quest for veal slices yesterday to chop for my vol-au-vent cases and found just what I needed. My collectors also pick up the goods and bring them home to me within an hour, so I am quite satisfied.


There is not such a great choice of photos on the way, although I stopped to take a photo of this side road on my way home. It is perhaps nothing special, although a good view of the Jura in the backround, but we  lived in this road for about 5 years before moving to where we are now. We were on the fouth floor and I had a good view from the kitchen window in the morning of the planes arriving and departing from Zürich airport in the distance as we seemed to be near the flight paths. It was also quite near to town for shopping. I suppose we leave our traces everywhere eventually.

Unless one day forced to enter a senior home, the place where I now live I am hoping will be my final residence.


Even the neighbour’s cat arrives regularly at the same time in the evening to perhaps have a sleep on the porch, or otherwise check on the territory. He used to lay on one side of the garden and my cat Tabby on the other. Tabby left us for the eternal corn chambers in his tenth life at the age of 18 about a month ago, but Roschti still visits. I am not superstitious, but sometimes I can still see Tabby laying in her favourite positions today.


I noticed on my way home from the store yesterday that preparations are already being made for our national day on 1st August which I have just noticed will be on a Saturday, meaning the stores will be closed and I will have to make preparations for meals over the week-end in advance. The flags are already hanging on the main road: the Swiss cross on the national flag and the one next to it is the flag of our village in green with a fountain on it. The name of the village is Feldbrunnen, meaning field fountain, although no-one really knows where the fountain was, although we do have a trough on the main square.

Fountain in Feldbrunnen

Admittedly it is nothing special, but the dogs quite appreciate it for a drink in between.

Being a Sunday  I am taking it easy, although still have a few odd jobs to do. Enjoy the day, relax, and make the most of it.


19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I wanted to comment on your first photo – the arrow formed by the jet stream and converging in the reflection of the sunshine, and then I read about your cat. I’m sorry for your loss. 18 is a good age for a cat and you can take comfort from the fact that you provided her with safe haven for such a long time.

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  2. Good afternoon, your pictures today are outstanding scenic views. I smile when I saw Rositti picture. I often think of Kato and I see certain objects. I am not sure masks help but it has become the normal. Wear mask and stay safe.

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    • The photos are mainly from my area as I am not going far at the moment until I get my new battery for the wheelchair. Roschti is always a regular visitor, especially in the evening. I have 20 masks and would definitely wear on the local bus or train, actually I would have to, Otherwise it just prevents others getting my germs, if I have any. It does not really protect me from the unmasked that are spreading their germs everywhere. We do not see many here, only at the bus stops and stations.

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