Good Morning


I am missing the sun. Last seen about two days ago, and trying to show itself now and again with no great success. Although the rain has made no progress for the past day, it is still lurking and this morning, whilst I was still hugging the bed, it decided to refresh my garden, which is not so bad. At least I do not have to do the job myself.

In spite of the negative side of the weather I did venture into the unknown yesterday. Mr. Swiss had to visit his doc in another part of town, what would be our suburb, although our town is so small, it is more a different direction. In London if you travelled South, you went over the water according to my mum, which was the other side of the Thames.


Here you just walk over our footbridge to the other side which is the suburb. At the moment they have dressed up the entrance to the “suburb” with an artistic effort for our so-called Zarte Exhibition, which is a play on the word “Art”. These strange objects are cropping up everywhere, but no-one really knows what they are and who put them there.


When you eventually arrive on the other side of the River Aare you notice that something is happening on the main square. It is also the home of our cheese days where the cows are presented to choose the best mooer. However this year no cows, as they do not understand the meaning of social distancing, and we are the ones that make use of their milk. A small group have decided this square should be dressed up with various potted shrubs and naturally a small restaurant to go with it. The work began yesterday and today it should be completed. Naturally I will pay a visit, but no rush. It will be there for the remainder of the summer and I have other things to do at the moment.


In the meanwhile you can visit this restaurant opposite the square. I am not sure which part of the world its food ideas are to be found but as their main speciality seem to be kebab I assume it originates in one of the Balkan countries.ย  At the moment it does not seem to have many customers.

I deposited Mr. Swiss at the doc where he could park his scooter outside and made my way homewards.


This time I crossed the river by our newer footbridge which is beneath the road bridge It is our newest bridge over the river. I remember it being built. It was added at the side of the old bridge and during the construction the old bridge was slowly being removed as the new bridge was added to it. Quite a good feat of engineering. I have some photos somewhere of the building progress.

And now I should make some progress in my apartment with a few chores.ย  Today I have a shopping expedition, but will probably only visit the store along the road to where I live. Due to my logistics and careful planning, the week-end food is mostly already sitting in the deep freeze or refrigerator.



Before I go, here is a photo of our so called Landhaus on the banks of the river Aare. This is not in the suburbial part of the town, but the main part on the other side.

Have a good day everyone.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We just spent a couple of day with LIVING FRIENDS. Not on an iPhone or Zoom. Real people. Garry is very thin so she buys these super fattening desserts and I look at them and feel my hips widening. Napoleons and these little French cookies with chocolate on the outside and so much more! And we got to sit on the boat. Not go anywhere because there were 5 foot seas, so it was too dangerous for a 36-foot boat and it was very windy. But it was so nice to be OUTSIDE with friends.

    Your sun will come back. Ours did. Then it stayed out until they declared a drought, but then it started to rain again, so they UNdeclared the drought. Now it rains some, then the sun is out, then there’s more rain.

    We are refinancing our house. It’s making me really nervous.

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    • I am sure you enjoyed your short holiday. It certainly makes a difference to get out,. Marcel has also lost quite a bit of weight. He doesnโ€™t eat as much as he used to, but his doc finds no reason for concern, although I do miss his Polster a little. We all change as we get older. Our rain is now going away and it will be a sunny week. I have now had to Organise new batteries for my wheel chair. I can still manage ok with those I have, but after 2 1/2 years they begin to get weaker. Another expense of a thousand francs, but no longer having to finance a car with all the trimmings it still costs less,


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