RDP Thursday: Dancing

Break Dance 24.08 (14)

I am not really sure if break dancing counts as dancing. It is more acrobatics to music in my opnion, but the youngsters seem to enjoy it. I have never seen groups of women break dancing, I wonder why. This groups met in town, someone brought the music and everyone could take part. I was just watching from my wheelchair and squeezing in somewhere to get a good photo of the action. And here is some music go with it. It is from the Swiss groups Panadox and I have a special place for this group in my heart.

The young man singing was an office apprentice where I worked and with his twin brother they began to rap and with success. Of course they are singing in Swiss German, so no-one will really understand very much, but who really understands rap.

Otherwise this is all you get about dancing from me. I like to do my own little dancing to a pop song, but Mr. Swiss and I rarely dance together, it does not work very well.

RDP Thursday: Dancing

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