Good Morning


A bit of a cloudy morning today,  but yesterday the rains came and we are left with the aftermath, although today will also be having a few rain showers in between. I do not have to go anywhere, but do not really want to be confined to isolation so am hoping that there will be a few bright spots in the afternoon. Mr. Swiss has a doctor visit and I might just accompany him for the journey.

Yesterday when I left home it began to rain, just what I needed. Luckily I was wearing my rain jacket and it was not so bad- When I eventually reached the store the rain had stopped.


I managed to capture a few photos of our damp streets. I noticed that most people had not even bothered to dress for rainy weather. There were not so many people around and almost no masks: just a normal day.

The supermarket was also not so crowded, although I did not have a lot to buy. I now keep an eye open for good opportunities. Now and again I like to get a few extras and freeze them for another day. They had some nice hamburger on offer yesterday made with Angus beef. In my pre freezer days I would have to buy them and cook them on the same day, but now I bought three and froze them when I got home for later. Not having a car I like to be prepared. My shopping routine is much more relaxed and easier to cope with. I realised yesterday that the week-end is almost organised with food and I have a lot less stress, despite not having a car. It is also not every housewife, especially those with mobility problems, that have a car at their disposal and they also have to manage.

Another advantage I have noticed, although not really planned, is that I spend less money on my shopping trips. Admittedly I order the basics online once a month from the supermarket, but my monthly food costs are reduced.


On my travels yesterday I climbed to the cathedral for a few views from above and found we really have some interesting rooftops in town. I like to imagine how it would be to live in other places sometimes, and I am sure the people with the apartment with the flowers have a nice view across the town.


From the other side of the cathedral you also have a few other views of the backs of the statues and this urn also caught my attention.

In the meanwhile it had stopped raining and so there was no rush to get back home. The rest of the day was the normal routine: evening food – coldcuts as usual and the TV programme, although I was busy on the side with my iPad sorting a few things. Master Chef, the cooking programme, is again on the TV, with various contestants completing their cooking tasks. Actually it does not really impress me so much as it used to as I notice a lot of what they cook, I also cook with the spices and everything. I have a herb garden in front of my window and like to use them in my dishes.

And today’s menu of the day will be spaghetti with a sugo sauce (tomatoes and mince), naturally with fresh origano from my little garden. The lady at the supermarket minced the meat fresh yesterday from the better beef quality for me, so it should be good. I try to avoid pre-packed meat if possible and we have one supermarket butchers that still sells the meat at the counter. It is getting less possible with today’s methods to pick the meat and amount you need, everything is sold ready packed. I am probably a bit particular about my choice being married to a butcher’s son and I learned a lot from him over the years.


And now time to move on, with a view from the top step of the cathedral on the town main thoroughfare. I cannot really call it a street or road as we very rarely have traffic there. Just delivery people or hotel guests, otherwise it is a walking space. There are now coloured stripes on the way to help people keep their distance in the corona days, although our town is very rarely crowded and the smaller businesses no longer exist so much since the days of online shopping, it is mostly restaurants.

I am now off for some housewife hobbies, although no big programme today. Have a good day, take it easy, and be kind to your computers.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You show us some fine views and I LOVED those top storey flats. I looked only at flats under the roofs of old houses in the Murten lake & Lac de Neuchâtel regions a few years ago. But then I realised that those houses never have lifts and that I wasn’t getting any younger and those dream ‘destinations’ became just that. Now we are in a ground floor flat and only have the 7 stone steps to climb to get to our door….

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    • Most of those top stores flats here have been modernized with all mod cons and the price to rent is according. They also have lifts. I am glad to live on the ground floor. I can wheel in with my chair and we have a garden

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