RDP Wednesday: Horror


I do not need skeletons or vampire teeth, just a heavy dark cloud hovering over the local mountains is enough horror for me. Just as I was departing for me shopping trip it began to rain. Luckily I was wearing a rain jacket, but sitting in a wheelchair you are open for everything. After a couple of minutes I reached the part where I took my first photo, the one above. I continued on my way and when I eventually arrived at the store it had stopped raining. I did the shopping, left the store and discovered everything was dry.,

However, I had a quick visit to make at the chemists and yes, it started to rain again. Eventually the horror journey finished and there was no more rain on the way. I was lucky. It is still raining on and off, but I no longer have to go anywhere.

RDP Wednesday: Horror

14 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Horror

    • I was talking to the guy a couple of weeks ago when he delivered Mr. Swiss scooter and he assured me that there is absolutely no technical problem of travelling with a wheelchair in the rain. He did not mentioned the problem of me getting wet, but he did reassure me. There will probably be many rainy days with the wheelchair eventually. When I got home today the wheelchair was completely dry.

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  1. Here the same; we were on our (covered) patio, happily eating and quite suddenly the heavens opened and dowsed averything around us. We were snug and cosy; it was fine!

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