Good Morning


It’s not raining – yet, but we are supposed to get it all day. Just as well my only plan today is to the store, although I will have to wheel around town to avoid the bumpy ride on the cobblestones. I was actually planning to go to the nearer store, just along the road but Mr. Swiss needs meds from the chemist shop which is opposite the store and my supply of diabetes tablets is also running low. We had a check on our prescriptions quickly to see if they were still valid. I could hardly read the date on that of Mr. Swiss as it is half a year old and got a bit roughed up in the wrong places. I do not even have a prescription to read as the doc faxes mine direct to the store, but no problem. I still have a supply of tablets for a week and it only needs a phone call to get it re-organised.


Yesterday it was an afternoon short visit to the places in the upper part of the village around the castle and up the hill. As you can see Mr. Swiss is getting quite professional with his scooter and I must say it is really something useful. I am now seriously thinking about organising one for myself. I could not use it for shopping so much as it would be difficult moving around in the store, where my wheelchair would be more useful. However for local journeys and visits to town to various stores, it would be useful. I could park the scooter and just walk short distances. For doctor visits it would be ideal.  I have one coming up at the beginning of August and at the moment the local road train is not running due to repairs on the tracks and I would have to use the bus. Funny thing was as we were entering the cemetery on the way a golden oldie lady was leaving in her scooter exactly the same as that of Mr.Swiss. We naturally got into a conversation about how good they are. The funny thing is my wheelchair was a couple of thousand francs more expensive than the scooter and the scooter travels faster. The power also lasts longer.


A lot of the crops have now been harvested and the remainder is now quite yellow, so almost ready. The air is filled with the noise from the harvesters at the moment.


I noticed a few big birds flying overhead on my way, but have no idea what they are, probably a kite, or perhaps a buzzard. The weather was pleasant, although the clouds had begun to gather more. Probably telling us that tomorrow it will rain, although up to now it is keeping away.


I was a little annoyed to see that our local coronus statistics had risen to 10 new infections yesterday, but this morning we are back to 2 new cases in our Kanton. Our minister tells us not be disturbed, the government has everything under control. I supposed based on a population of 8 million it could be worse, but I will be glad when this whole thing eventually disappears.

I should now move on to a bit of this and that. Dinner is thawing out nicely and now i have a few telephone calls to make. Keep safe, keep a safe distance to everyone and everything and wear your masks if called for. I cannot understand people not wanting to wear them. I must admit I have not worn mine, but I very rarely go places where it would be necessary. If I was journeying by bus or train I would definitely wear one. It is law at the moment and a question of common sense.


And with a glimpse of the local castle as I was wheeling on my way home yesterday I will now move on to where I am needed in the housewife chores department.

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Mr Swiss looks very comfortable in his scooter. I could see you wheeling around town in that–oh, the fun!! Florida’s Covid numbers continue to rise. Hospitals have again cancelled all non-emergency surgeries due to the lack of beds. Our city has an ordinance that masks have to be worn, but there are still those…”Oh, I don’t have a mask.” I stay away from them. Have a great day, Pat.

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    • Although I tried it today and realised that the scooter is not a wheelchair. I think I will wait before I organise one. Doesn’t sound so good with the Covid in your area. We have now plenty of room in our hospitals, although the cases of Covid are still occuring. I have a whole pack of masks, 20 pieces, but have not used any yet.

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  2. Me. Swiss looks very sporty in his red hot rod 🙂

    Also, your mountains look GREAT. So crisp and sharp! We are supposed to get rain later, though it’s supposed to be spotty, which means it might rain a mile away, but not here. We decided to NOT take duke with us because I’m afraid he’ll decide to jump off the boat and that’s a big, powerful river. Not even with a life preserver would it be safe for a dog. I hope he doesn’t get too lonely, but Owen is here. It’s just he has to work.

    I think if if weren’t for pharmacies, no one would own a fax machine anymore. They all use fax machines these days.

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    • I tried it today, but goes a little too fast for my taste. I will have to try it more.
      We had rain today just as I was going shopping, but it was an of and off sort of thing, and stopped eventually. When I got home it began to pour down, so I was lucky.
      You said it right, if it wasn’t for the chemists no-one would be using a fax today.
      I am sure Duke is happy in his own four walls.


  3. Good afternoon, it has been hectic here for the last 2 days. Our home care might stop as we have too much money in the bank to qualified. So hearing aids and new computers are in our near future. As an oldie I must come into the present and it is an awful time. I enjoy seeing Mr. Swiss with scooter. Masks are now necessary here.

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