RDP Tuesday: Chart


I do not really have time for making charts, I leave it up to those that have fun and tend to have delight in showing us what lies ahead, based on figures. Sometimes I am not sure that they are facts.

However I was not very happy with tomorrows weather chart for our little village in Switzerland. The title tells us in english “Temperature and Precipitation” and then we get the hourly time of the day from 9.00 am until 4.00 pm. Of course there would be more, but my efforts on taking a photographic memory only managed so much on my mobile phone.

Now we get to the exciting bit. Below the times we have illustrations on what to expect for weather tomorrow and here I do not have to translate. Nicely formed little grey blocks resembling clouds and of course the accompanying raindrops falling down. We even have the height of the rain in mm distance. The only positive news is the bottom line where the possibility of this actually happening is shown in %. This would mean for my that I have a 59% chance of getting wet in my wheelchair in the afternoon when I go shopping  You just have to love those charts. I do not.

RDP Tuesday: Chart

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