Good Morning


I am a little later this morning, but it is cleaning lady day. She is now busy and I have done all my usual chores, even polished up the windows, so now I can take it easy with the computer and cooking dinner. And what a wonderful morning it is. I was looking for a picture to begin the day and did not have to go far. This is what I see from my chair at the moment: a view over the front garden with a background of a wonderful sky. What could be better.

And what a surprise I had yesterday when I went to the store in town. I usually make a detour around the town centre but this time I was accompanying Mr. Swiss who had his sunglasses to pick up in town. I had to wheel through town in my chair, and already at the entrance I saw it was market day. Market day is always the second Monday in the month, but it was stopped during lockdown and now it has returned.


Mr. Swiss was not so happy as it meant crowds (although they were not so many people, everyone is still being careful) and his experience with manoeuvring a scooter is not so great. I wheeled on, as with my 2-1/2 years experience, I have no problem. I was having a good time, there was plenty to see and the weather was at its best.


Everything was so colourful. I have not been on the market for some time. It always happens in the afternoon and when I was dependent on my car, I was usually on my way in the afternoon to the big grocery store and no longer had so much time. Now my routine has changed and I shop in the local town, I have the opportunity again to make the most of it all.


There is a bit of everything to choose from, but I am more a looker and not a buyer. The atmosphere is good, I heard some good conversations between the stall holders and everything was just perfect.

Eventually I arrived at the store and completed my shopping. After disposing of my two bags to be picked up by our collectors organisation and brought home, and decided driving back through town would be a good idea.


I really did not want to miss anything. Sometimes there is an advantage on not being car bound. Although corona is still a theme in our part of the world, it did not stop people enjoying the afternoon. It was not overcrowded and people were keeping their distance. I noticed on my way to the store when passing the bus stop that the people waiting for their bus were all masked. We do not have a law to wear them all the time, but definitely on public transport. There are still new cases being reported daily, yesterday 68 in Switzerland.

I had a wonderful surprise when leaving town through our Basel Gate. As I looked up I could see an object above the spires.


On a closer look at my photo I saw it was a para glider hovering above and probably enjoying the view of our market day from the height.

And now to move on to my kitchen where I should really begin to cook dinner.

Have a good day everyone and enjoy it. I will probably be off this afternoon to enjoy the weather and sights, but this time not in town. I have not yet decided where to go.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Our local market was only open on Saturdays, but it has still not opened up yet. It is fun to see the photos of your market. I am with you–a looker, not a buyer. You are such a pro with your wheels! Have fun, Pat.

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    • This was our monthly market. Otherwise we have a fruit and vegetable market every Saturday morning. This was also stopped, but gradually it is getting back to the normal. I was so thrilled to see that it was market day yesteday.

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