FOWC with Fandango: Tentative


The afternoon began quite well. Mr. Swiss decided to come with me into town. His new sun glasses were ready at the optician. I lead the way in my electric wheelchair and he was following (as always) in his scooter. He has now had the scooter for a few weeks, but is still in the tentative stages. I remember when I first got my wheelchair, I achieved my goals slowly, no good rushing into things. Now I am a full professional and speed around everywhere, leaving them all behind me.

So Mr. Swiss and I reached town. I was overjoyed, it was market day, a  feast for my camera, wonderful weather and lots of action. Mr. Swiss? not so much and the last words I heard from him somewhere in the distance when he saw what was happening was “Market Day, No, I am not going into town”. I had no choice and in any case I was having fun, so I continued through town to the store. I had no idea where Mr. Swiss had gone.

Eventually we communicated by telephone and he said he made a detour in town to avoid the crowds, eventually found a parking space for his scooter and walked the rest with his stick. The main thing was he got his glasses.

He is still at the tentative stage with his new transport, but I am sure he will gather confidence as he progresses.

FOWC with Fandango: Tentative

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