RDP Sunday: Ice Cream

Ice Cream 01.06 (2)

Are they having a sale? Is it a special offer for something at half price? People are queuing and there is no more room in the store, so the queue spills onto the street, even into the road. There are even seats supplied for those that cannot stand whilst waiting.

It is our one and only gelateria in town, the place where they sell a complete assortment of various ice cream flavours and it is good ice cream, so they say. Unfortunately I just watch the others eating the ice cream, enjoying the delights from the cones and savouring ever lick. Lacktose intolerance is not very pleasant. I think I enjoyed my last ice cream at least 15 years ago.

RDP Sunday: Ice Cream

4 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Ice Cream

  1. I can be a bit iffy with ice-cream. I usually have a specific type from one of our supermarkets – “Swedish Glace Soy Dairy Free Vanilla ice cream, 750ml. A non-dairy frozen dessert, Swedish Glace is the perfect sweet treat for those who may be lactose or gluten intolerant. Gluten-free, lactose-free and Kosher-approved, it is also suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.” It tastes no different to ordinary ice-cream and is suitable to serve to my brother (diabetic) at Christmas lunch. Comes in an octagonal tub. Strawberry and Chocolate versions too. Maybe you can get it in Switzerland? I’d send you some, but it won’t survive the journey 😀

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    • I have lived with diabetes for almost 40 years, but luckily do not have to inject, just take tablets. I do not have such a strict diet and eat chocolate or a cake now and again, but do not overdo it

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