One Word Sunday: Distance


All the real action happens in the distance at our place. On a good day, from a high place, usually the local castle, you might be lucky and get a view of the alps, which was the case this week. They are further away than you think, about 2 hours by motorway, not counting the ups and downs over the hills until you get there.

Tunnel motorway Biel-Solothurn

Or often you can just take a tunnel which go below the hills and mountains.

One Word Sunday: Distance

4 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Distance

  1. I try to visualize a spot in Switzerland that isn’t in the middle of the Alps and it just doesn’t register. I need to pull up a topographical map of your country and check this out!

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    • You don’t have to be in the middle to see them. They are so big, on a clear day you just see them. If the day is not clear you do not even realise that they are there. We are in Solothurn and have no alps, although we have the Jura mountains, 7 chains of long mountains in the North and only snow covered in winter, but no permament snow. They are not really high enough. To the South we have a very large flat plain but if you keep travelling you eventually get to the alps. After going over or through the alps you eventually get to the Italian part of Switzerland with a few lakes and then you are afterwards in Italy.

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