FOWC with Fandango: Callous


They called him Happy because he looked so happy: a nice red nose, to match the pompoms on his shoes. When Janet saw him she knew she just had to have him. He looked so alone outside the shop trapped in his cage.

“Please mum, I must have him”

And so mum gave in and bought the clown in the cage, just for peace of mind. Janet could be very annoying when she wanted something and did not get it. When Janet’s mum saw the price, she decided it was not so bad. So cheap and even with the cage. That night the house was still until they heard the faint sound of a drum, although as Happy was in Janet’s room no-one really paid attention. Janet was thrilled, a clown that even played his drum for her.

It was only when it got just a little louder each evening that it began to notice and even the neighbours began to complain.

And now Happy lives outside in the garden and no longer plays his drum.

Some clowns are just not suitable for the indoor life.

FOWC with Fandango: Callous

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