Good Morning


After a rainy night this morning looked like this. A remainder of clouds that are now slowly disappearing to allow for some patches of blue in the sky. My Swiss weather forecast shows clouds but with regular visits of sun and temperatures around 22° C so it looks quite pleasant.


Yesterday I visited the store for the week-end shopping. My new shopping routine is working out well. No longer having a car does make a difference and now that my wheels are attached to my wheelchair I really had to rethink everything. I had to adapt, but it works, at least during the summer. I find the most difficult part, although not really so bad, is in the store. I have two bags and when one is filled it can be quite heavy. I deposit it in the store in a space that does not bother anyone and then fill the second bag with the rest. I am then ready to carry them to the pay desk, but no-one is really in a hurry. The store is never so crowded. Perhaps it is due to corona safe precautions, but there is plenty of room to move around on my four wheels. With my new app for paying I just have to show it on my iPhone, the cash desk person shoots it with her gun and everything is fine. I used it for the first time yesterday and it really works well. Afterwards I just carry my bags to another desk, just next to the cash till desk and the guy advises my collectors team that collect my shopping bags and bring it all home to me. I am so lucky that everything is so well organised.

Since online shopping is functioning again I have discovered that there are so many items you can store at home and really only need to buy the fresh items such as meat and veg. I can even order those, but they are weekly needs and I prefer to buy it fresh myself to choose what I want. I also like the contact in the stores with the public. I would otherwise live the life of a shopping hermit.


Afterwards I just wheel on home at leisure, no extra luggage, and through a nice stressless town enjoying the sunny days of Summer. As I approached my home the guy with the shopping passed me on his bike with a nice greeting and when I arrived he was just delivering the shopping.


As I passed thought the gate leaving town I get this view of a little open countryside. The hills in the distance are a local area with various villages and a very nice place to go for walks, although my walking days are no longer, but I can enjoy the wonderful views.

Today I do not really need to go anywhere. The shopping is done, but I will probably make a little tour this afternoon. I suggested to Mr. Swiss he could saddle his scooter and come with me, which he found would be a good idea. Whether it will actually happen I do not know. He is slowly getting more confidence with his new toy.

So my day has began with a few thoughts for the day and I will now move on. I have lunch to defrost, just a couple of pork chops, but I must not forget them. It does not take so long, and I do not want to eat a frozen dinner. Enjoy the week-end, take it easy and I will see you around later.


Greetings from the land of Jura mountains, clouds and sunflowers.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good afternoon, Did you have a nice nap, I don’t like to sleep during the day as I can’t sleep at night. I have several outing this which way I had time read much. Monday I went to the IB Garden, Thursday for a haircut and yesterday I had my Wellness exam. I had trouble with my WordPress blog. We are expecting 100 degrees F./35 C. That is normal for this area but dropping down to 80 degrees F. is not. My husband won’t leave the apartment as he afraid of getting the virus. Have a wonderful day and be safe.

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    • I need my midday sleep. I can get quite tired sometimes due to my MS. I went for a trip to town and back and visited the local storks. I had my haircut a couple of days ago and am so glad that it is short again. We had a rainy night and temperatures have dropped, but just a little. It is very plesaant at the moment. Our virus is more or less under control and would be better were it not for the idiots, mainly in Zürich, that like to spread their germs when going out on the town in the evening in clubs. You too have a good day

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