RDP Friday: Plant


I once decided that hedges can be quite boring, green leaves, growing tight together and really nothing special. I decided to plant some sweet pea seeds to give them a little colour. That was about 12 years ago. My hedges are still there and so are the sweet pea plants. Sweet peas climb and attach themselves with their wiry fingers to anything. They also produce seeds.

The result of my effort is that I have sweet peas springing up everywhere in my hedges and the seeds decided to wander to a few other places. The area around my garden now has them everywhere. Opposite there is a small plot of land with a few bushes, even a tree which the local gardener cares for. He was once there removing the sweet peas in Summer and I told him they were probably from the seeds produced by my plants. He laughed and said he had suspicions that it was something like that, but he never really removed them, I do not think he could. He just cuts them back once a year. They are also growing in our wild meadow opposite. My neighbour has even ensured that they remain after the meadow is cut once a year. Yes, we love our sweet peas.

RDP Friday: Plant

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Plant

  1. I had ginger lilies and my next door neighbor had azaleas. Each of our plants grew under the fence and into the others yards. We loved it! Enter new neighbors who cleared their yard, pulled up all the shrubs and put up a privacy fence. I joke that I no longer have neighbors; I just have people that live next door. That gardener sounds very nice.

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    • We got new neighbours a couple of years ago. He is Australian-Swiss and the wife is Indonesian. He likes to plant various spice plants and vegetables, so we now get quite a mixture. I once had a wild garlic growing in my garden, probably an offspring from one of his. They also gave me some chilli once, but they were really a special chilli. I had a burnt mouth afterwards.

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  2. They ARE very invasive, I had ‘miles’ of them in England and being subjected to long suffering hayfever and allergies, I couldn’t stand their sweet, overpowering smell. But on the other hand I really, really liked them. A difficult situation.

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