Good Morning


Believe me the sun is also here, but the moon stayed a little. Of course the moon is always here, but the sun decided to shine on him for a reflection. The result is that it looks like another good day today. It is wonderful to be outside on the porch in the morning with my breakfast and a pleasant gentle cool breeze, oh is life good sometimes. Although with this wonderful summer weather I am sure there will be a storm somewhere around the corner. I am just hoping it will stay away until I have completed my shopping this afternoon.

I have been quite busy this morning and have developed my cyber golden oldie talents. I am an app person on my iPhone, but only the apps that interest me. I do not have Whatsapp and do not want it. There are enough other possibilities for communication. However, one of my favourite apps is the one from my store in Switzerland. It is useful to see the special offers, to collect my coupons etc. etc. Some time ago they introduced a new extension to pay at the cash desk with the app. You can choose the method you use, bank, post or other. I saw a lady in the store this week at the cash desk, she just held up her phone, the lady at the till aimed with her digital pistol and that was that. I then decided yesterday to take a closer look. What could be more complicated? To cut a long story short, although it was really only 5 minutes. I now have the app on my phone. I am quite looking forward today to see how it works. I just love these newly developed apps. It is not so new perhaps, and something similar may exist for some time in other places.


And what did I do yesterday? Of course I was out again in the fresh air, but just around the village. I will be in town enough today, and perhaps tomorrow as well. Depends on how I feel. My wheelie took me past the local castle and I got a good view from the side path leading to the cemetery.


And look what I saw as I wheeled up the path to the castle. The alps have returned. They made themselves quite scarce in the last couple months, but yesterday the atmosphere was clear enough to show them in all their glory. They look quite near on the photo, but to get there it would need almost 2 hours by road which is not really so long. We often spent our summer holidays in a rented chalet somewhere near: Grindelwald, Adelboden or Gstaad were the mountain villages of our choice. Unfortunately those days have now gone and we prefer to spend our Summer days locally and admire the view from a distance.


I also met this goat on my travels yesterday. I was staring at it for a photo and the goat stared back.  Otherwise not many animals to be seen. Most are now in shady places out of the sun.


At the moment it seems to be harvest time on the farms and the products are now neatly packed in their bales, probably for storage for the winter days.

And I am now on my way. I have some bed linen to iron (just the duvet and cushions covers) and a lunch to prepare, although nothing complicated. Have a good one, enjoy and avoid the hairy peas floating in the air.


8 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It must be at least 2 months since I have seen the alps. It is according to the weather and atmosphere, but yesterday they were nice and clear. From our castle on a hill we get a good view. I know the giants by name, but Mr. Swiss, being Swiss knows nearly all of them.


  1. These are the ultimate Swiss photographs. A long time ago hiking in Eglisau a little goat followed us along her fence. I named her Gruezi. I don’t know how people say that in Solothurn, but your little goat looks just as friendly and curious.

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