Good Morning


And another beautiful morning arrives in our little part of the world and I am enjoying it outside with breakfast and my computer. Today is another holiday with no shopping to do. Life is becoming a little boring since I have almost everything at home, alhough today is yet again fresh bed linen day meaning I will have to have a little action.

Yesterday I had to plan my afternoon carefully to have time for everything I wanted to do. Mr. Swiss had a dental appointment, I had shopping to do and afterwards an appointment with my hairdresser. In between I wanted to take a few photos and do a little writing, but somehow it all fitted into place.

First of all I despatched Mr. Swiss with scooter on his way into town. Then it was my turn, so I saddled my wheelchair and made off to the local supermarket which is just down the road.


I thought not very much opportunity for photos, but there is always something interesting to capture with your camera. This time the local authorities obliged with repairs to our local railway. It was a hot afternoon and for the poor men who were working really had intensive heat from spreading the fresh new surface between the rails. I spoke to one of the blokes two days ago when they were beginning with the work and had laid the tracks bare.


He told me they were replacing the rails. They always work on the tracks during summer, usually on the night shift so as not to disturb the train timetable, but he told me that was just the annual routine of grinding the rails. This time it was a big job and the old tracks would be removed and new ones inserted which had not been done for at least 20 years. I wheel past a few times in the week and note the progress. One stretch is almost finished with new tracks and a new surface in between.

I was a bit worried whether they keep the sidewalk clear from their apparatus, but when they saw me coming they shifted anything away which might have been a problem.


They begun further along the road. This is my home stretch when I wheel along the path on the right and this will probably also be replaced eventually. They seem to be doing most of the work from the road side and I am hoping that my path will not be disturbed.

Otherwise I did not have to buy a lot in the store, just some meat and veg and for the first time in a couple of months I only had one bag full, but I organised for it to be taken home for me with our local group of nice young men on their bikes with the containers for the goods. Last week I even had a lady bringing the goods, the only one I had seen up to now.

Mr. Swiss arrived home from the dentist, just when I was preparing to go to my hairdresser. I was also home again within an hour and so the evening was not lost and I had plenty of time for everything.

They have locked down again in our area and a few other neighbouring Kantons. The corona infections were rising again, mainly due to too much social action by people that cannot be without. Groups of people meeting have again been reduced in number, which I find quite  wise. Will this curse never go away? And now I will continue with my new bed linen. My duvet and cushion have been completed and now to do the rest and see if Mr. Swiss has also attacked his bed.


Have a good day everyone, make the most of it and may it be a safe one – death to the hairy peas floating around in the air.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning … I too went to the dentist yesterday for six month checkup …. looks like a good day there … I think it will be nice here too … but hot … the furnace A/C person comes today for the seasonal checkup of the system. Have a great day. SLP …

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    • Mr. Swiss has a second appointment with the dentist next month. We don’t have AC‘s so much here, just open the window if there is a cooling breeze. Have a good day as well


  2. You are very lucky with the weather. Lovely blue skies overhead. We are under a cover of grey clouds, mist and drizzly rain; the tail end of Tropical Storm Eduardo after his trip across the Atlantic. But it’s good, at least, for the garden. I expect your railway men would welcome it to cool them down. 🙂

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    • We have had a week of blue skies, and it will go further next week.It is now our holiday weeks, and the month of July is always the most sunny one. I wouldn’t mind a shower now and again to save me watering the garden. I noticed that our railway workers have sunch lovely sun tans

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  3. Mr Swiss managed OK on his own? I hope he enjoyed his new freedom and will want to go on wheelies with you. I have a dental appointment next week. I have to pull into their parking lot, call them from my car, wait for the OK to enter, use hand sanitizer and sit down for my cleaning. My dentist has always had his staff mask and glove up so they look like outer space characters, so don’t there is much more for them to do. Should be interesting, though.

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    • I think Mr. Swiss quite enjoys a trip to town again. He was so long homebound. He said the dentist wore a mask, but not so much the assistants. Entering is no problem, there is always enough space.

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  4. You don’t have the kind of humidity we have. Today is was in the 90s all day and the humidity was so high it was like walking through hot soup. We don’t need A/C because of the heat. it’s the humidity that really wrings you out.

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    • If we get a lot of rain from storms in Summer, it can get quite humid, but on average just for a month in summer. Some people might buy an AC, but it is not customary. The big stores are all constantly climatized


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