Good Morning


Blue skies this morning and brilliant sunshine, otherwise nothing really out of the ordinary for a good summer’s day. I am sitting outside on the porch enjoying the fresh air, but am wearing a light cardigan, as there is a slight nip in the early morning air.

Yesterday I had my delivery from the online store. This time I went the whole hog and The delivery man had two trolleys full of goods. I am sure I will go into the archives of hoarders after organising 2x 30 toilet roll packets, but you never know. Always better to be safe than sorry. My laundry room now resembles a department of my supermarket and I probably now have a month’s supply of groceries, although five minutes after completing my order I realised there were a few items I had forgotten. However I have already started the next list. It has certainly had an influence no longer having a car. I cannot and will not shop for voluminous articles, but now have them delivered. I also have a special arrangement that I pay no delivery charges and get double points for everything. There is even a weekly opportunity for 10% rebate for golden oldies which I will probably apply on Friday when I do the week-end shopping.

I now only have to concentrate on meat and fresh veg for shopping, although in the worst case I have a choice of frozen veg and meat which I put in my chest freezer. I never used to be like that, and never in my life did I bother to have an “emergency” store, but once it is installed all I have to do is fill up now and again – with an online order of course. Luckily No. 1 son arrived at the right time yesterday to help carry the heavy stuff into the cellar. It is nice and cool in the cellar, a good temperature for storing provisions, and also insect free except perhaps for one or two spiders that usually make their home in a corner that no-one bothers with. As I frequently visit the room for the washing machine, I always have an eye on everything.  I have become the perfect housewife.


I also went for a wheelie in my chair around the village area yesterday and discovered that the farmer was now busy cutting the grass and leaving it in neat rows to dry in the sun. Afterwards it is gathered together


and left in neat plastic bundles. I am sure the cows will be happy for their Winter rations of hay. Gone are the days when there were hay stacks in the fields.


I also did a detour to the castle, but this time the reverse side.


It is quite a large building but on this side it has no ornaments or turrets, just very functional. It is also the entrance for visitors that want to have a look around.


I eventually made my way home through the upper part of the village as I did not have so much time. I knew the delivery man would be arriving with the goods I had ordered. Mr. Swiss was at home but there are certain chores that a woman like to organise.

No. 1 son and I also helped Mr. Swiss with the first time uploading of his battery on the scooter yesterday. He is really getting the taste for a going places and seeing things at the moment. We had to connect his battery using a power cable roll as the plug was further along the row in the garage, but it worked well, and this morning he had a fully loaded battery again. Today he will be visiting his dentist, by scooter of course.  Just a little routine construction work, but that is one of the jobs that are no longer so easy when you do not have a car.

I will be off to the local store for a few things. I really no longer have to organise so much, as most of it is in storage at home. I met the guy who delivers my stuff from the supermarket in his bike with his container. He is really a nice bloke and we had a little time for a conversation, sort of getting to know you. He asked if I had been shopping and I told him tomorrow – no deliveries for today. He said he has a company in our village where he picks up stuff daily for the post and also a few other customers. I told him I am so glad for his organisation and they really are prompt in their delivery.


And now I should move on to be prompt with my daily routine. I hope you all have a good day. I leave you with a photo from the castle garden.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Wonderful pictures. We also have some of the same plants, like the one to the right of the hosta in the first photo. We also have stocked up now on TP … enough to last through Christmas. Ho ho ho … I decided while they had it (for a change …) we should take advantage and get some. So there … Hope you have a great day. SLP …

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    • TP seems to have become the most important commodity. The garden is really looking good this year. Perhaps because the air is a little cleaner after the lockdown


  2. isn’t that the way shopping? i just returned from the grocery store after spending $147 on things I needed (or wanted!). When I unpacked things at home, the one thing I absolutely needed and was out of – envelopes – was the one thing I forgot to buy!

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  3. Good afternoon as we get older. I have a desire to keep my seed groceries on hand. However, Kathy has a habit of getting what we every day. TP I have always a supply on and we brought when on sale. Perhaps, it is a from our life in the motorhome as we were often in areas where shopping was not available and with my gluten tolerance, we stopped places who GF items. I will for your pictures that you took on your wheelie today. Have fun the rest of the day while keeping safe.

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    • I always bought what I needed when I went shopping, but as I and Mr. Swiss are getting older, we have discovered that it is a good thing to have supplies on hand. It also saves all the carrying of heavy bags. Today I only had to get a few items from the local store and afterwards I found time to visit my hairdresser for shorter hair.


  4. We went shopping yesterday and they had everything in the way of paper goods — but NO toilet paper. I don’t understand. We have a very low rate of COVID-19 in Massachusetts. In fact, we’ve had almost no cases in the past two weeks … so where’s the toilet paper?

    Garry and I now have matching — well almost matching because they are the same style, though a different pattern. He actually ordered something that was supposed to look sort of military, but they sent him flowers. So I gave him my sun and moon and took his flowers. It was easier than returning that one and I don’t mind the flowers.

    But the canes actually help, at least to keep us from falling. I don’t think it helps much with walking, but it a nice item to lean on.

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    • I made a large online order. I now only go shopping for meat and veg basically. It functions well with only 2 days delivery wait and I have no delivery charge with my arrangement. We have no more shortages and I order toilet paper in packets of 30 pieces and ordered 2 units, so now have 60 in my store. I really have a plan as we are both handicapped with mobility, and you have to adapt. I have my electric wheelchair and now Marcel manages to get out more with his scooter. We both have our walking sticks that we take with us in a holder fixed to our apparatus if we would have to move.


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