Good Morning


And a wonderful morning today, although it is now almost lunchtime here. The cleaning lady is here and I have been busy joining her in a few tasks like freshening up windows and generally making order in the apartment. The sun rose a long while ago and my buddleia bush is really looking good out in the garden.


I took a shopping trip into town yesterday. It is really good to get out into the fresh air and see a little action. I am glad to say that my wheelchair is functioning normally after my power failure on Sunday  It’s good to see some action in town.


I just had to take a photo of our cathedral (again) yesterday. The clouds were really giving the view a good angle. As I was wheeling to the catherdral I cast a glance down the alley next to it.


It leads to our pedestrian bridge over the river. Cars are not allowed on the bridge, but once every Summer a tourist takes a wrong turn and drives onto the bridge. It even gets into the local newspaper and is quite fun for us locals to see. Luckily I am allowed to wheel over it. The building on the right is our best hotel, the Crown hotel and on the left you can see the beginnings of the steps leading up to the cathedral.

Mr. Swiss is now getting the hang of his scooter. He decided he needed sun glasses for summer, and this morning he was quite brave and told me he was going into town to the opticians to organise a pair. He got home about half an hour ago and I was quite proud of him. It does need confidence to drive around with these vehicles in town. I remember when I first had my wheelchair, I had to get used to the various journeys with it. After two and half years I know where the good driving surfaces are and when it is best to cross the road. He told me he even parked in town next to the opticians. Tomorrow he has his next journey to the dentist.


And look who arrived in our garden yesterday afternoon. Actually Roschti, the neighbours cat, often spends an hour relaxing here. I noticed when he comes he always approaches me and rubs his body on my legs as he walks past. I do not really think he misses my Tabby, they were never the best of colleague, but probably Tabby’s food bowl. I still have a bowl of fresh water outside for any animals that might pass by. I am sure the hedgehogs appreciate it at night.

And now I am off. Dinner is cooking and No. 1 son will soon be home for lunch. Have a good day everyone, keep safe.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning. The photos of the street lamps that look like black and gold crowns are so cool. So many interesting side streets and plazas … it looks like you could scoot around for a month and never see the same thing twice. We had a terrible night of severe thunderstorms here at 2 am. Nobody slept well. I have to go out and see how much damage it did to my little potted plants. Yuk. Have a great day. SLP ….

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    • That is not a lamp, but just a decoration as it is hanging on our Hotel Crown. We have many small alleys and squares in between.Since taking photos I am getting to know all the names. We have sunny weather with a nice breeze – couldn’t be better at the moment. May your plants survive.


  2. Good afternoon, I was glad to see Rosetti, he looks completely relax and he is rubbing your legs means he trusts you, maybe hopping you will put out some more of Tabby’s food. I enjoy seeing your buddleia tree. I always wanted one. Do you get many butterflies around it?
    I had a good birthday yesterday but both Kathy and I are tired. I could spend hours there. I will be putting a post on it later this week. The new medicine my last visit that my doctor order has made a big difference in my life. I have also found an over the counter medicine that helps individual spots of pain. Have safe trip this afternoon.

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    • Roschti is quite a home in my garden. The guy he owns works during the day and he likes to find company I think so that he is not so much alone. I used to have four buddleia trees and they are always full of butterflies and other sorts of flying objects.
      I am glad you had a good birthday and that you are managing OK with your new medicine. Keep well

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