FOWC with Fandango: Taste


I have been married for 51 years to Mr. Swiss. I have cooked his meals almost daily (except for various restaurant visits) and basically he likes my cooking. Just tell me what you do when your partner sits at the table with a pot of aromat ready at the side. Before he takes a mouthful he sprinkles everything with this salty Swiss type condiment as if it was a life saver.  I would add that during these 51 years he has been telling me regularly that my food resembles a hospital diet, just not enough salt. And of course, I never put enough salt in the vegetables when cooking them.

Am I really such a bad cook? Why do I find my food has enough salt, why does everyone else find my food is salty enough. Mrs. Swiss pours it all over his plate before even trying and thank goodness we are all corona free at home. None of us have strange tastes when eating certain food. Just Mr. Swiss who is sure that I am already treating him as a golden oldie putting him on a diet of salt free food. I have given up and just watch as he “oversalts” his food. I rest my case.

FOWC with Fandango: Taste

14 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Taste

  1. Taste buds differ, I think. Maybe his have fizzled and can’t taste it so adds more in hopes he will? Not healthy I would think. Better to sprinkle an herbal salt substitute like Mrs. Dash (not sure if you have that there.) I wonder if such a thing a placebo salt exists? If it does, replace it in the shaker and see if he notices. I bet he doesn’t. I don’t know what the aromat has in it but maybe it isn’t the salt part he’s tasting…

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  2. I might have a reason…..I know Mr Swiss smokes. Before he quit, my husband smoked for 40+ years. Finally he decided to quit–cold turkey. And he did! That was when he stopped using salt. He realized that the smoking must have dulled his taste buds so he salted everything, just like Mr Swiss, before he even tasted it. That burned me just a bit… He used to love hot peppers and hot pepper sauce, too. Once he quit smoking, his taste buds came back and he cannot eat hot peppers. Your cooking is fine, Pat. I’m thinking it’s the smoking.

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    • Of course that is the reason, I know it. Although he knows it as well, he is not yet ready, at the age of 80, to realise it. He has absolutely no intention of stopping smoking, we have had many conversations about it. It is the smoking, but I have given up and let him salt his food. Some time ago he lost a lot of weight and had all possible medical examinations to discover if something was wrong. The result? there was none. According to the medical books, he is as healthy as could be and there is nowhere anything wrong – just a little ageing, but that is all. I think he is one of those people that have a built in preservation system.

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