RDP Monday: Impetuous


This afternoon I was tempted to have an impetuous moment as I walked past one of our so-called tea-rooms where you can have anything non-alcoholic to drink and a cake to go with it. The cakes are also sold separately over the counter if you want to take one home. And there I saw it, a king-sized version of our Solothurn cake, but just a model.

It is something that belongs to our town, our local cake – not cheap, but worth every cent and franc. Of course they are not sold in this size, although there are various sizes to choose from. The recipe? That is locked in a safe with a secret code, or something like that. The original confectioner who created the cake kept it for himself. He had the monopoly. Eventually he retired and sold the recipe to his successor for a small fortune and it has remained in the shop.

From my own experience I can say that it definitely has hazelnuts and there is a very delicate cream mixed with the nuts. The covering is also a nutty taste, but very fine. Anyhow I decided to walk on  by in town and just took a photo. I have bought many of this cake creation when I had visitors. It is not something you would be able to make yourself.

RDP Monday: Impetuous

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