RDP Sunday: Glide

Red Kite 16.03 (3)

There he is, one of the masters of gliding, a red kite. In my earlier more active days we went on a trip up the nearby mountain. It was the first time I could see them in their full mobility, gliding through the air with no problem. They were really poetry in motion.

Paraglider 19.04 (2)

Humans can try to copy their ability to conquer the air currents, but we still look a little clumsy with our parachutes and bundle hanging below. The  kite just takes off, but we travel a few kilometres and take the mountain cable car until we reach a height good enough to take off. First of all we have to wear the right clothing and unpack our flying apparatus. Then it is a run and jump from the height. The kite, he is just laughing and takes off, climbing higher and higher making circles in the air until he can look down on us all.

RDP Sunday: Glide

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