Good Morning


What a wonderful morning! and with an exclamation mark: blue sky, a fluffy cloud wafting past and the buddleia is now in full bloom ion my garden. Everything seems to be happening so fast this summer. I have not seen such colour in my garden from the flowers for a long time. Last year it was too hot and most flowers got burnt in the bud. This year we have pure sunshine and a regular rain which keeps it all nice and fresh and clean.


Even the bees are making the most of plant life and are filling their pollen sacks on their legs. This one decided to enjoy what my hosta flower had to offer.


I sauntered through town yesterday  afternoon. Had a few items to get and also had a look around to see what was on offer for my camera. This time I also took my DSLR camera with the zoom lens as I did not have a lot to buy, just one bag full, and I gave it to the collectors to bring home for me. I had room in my bag for the Nikon camera. I wanted to see if I could get a better photo of our visiting storks that live on the chimney of our concert hall during the summer, and they were there. This time it seems that mum and dad were enjoying the view. Perhaps No. 1 baby was deeper in the nest, or was trying out its wings in the area.This chimney is just on the edge of town, so they have a perfect view of everything.


I also had a look at our new development in the passage under the road on my way to town to see how the new store was getting on. It is not really a store, but one of the items included in the town’s 200 sponsored items by our art society. It is all in white.


I particularly like the seal baby hanging from the shelf.

Friedhofgasse 04.07.2020

The small alleys in town were looking as charming as always. There are always people taking a stroll to enjoy the town. The main traffic we have apart from pedestrians, are bikes and perhaps a car now and again, but they are few and far between.

Schanzenstrasse 04.07 (2)

This is the street opposite the supermarket, and even here it is left to itself. I remember many years ago when it was a through road, although narrow, with traffic and I used to park my car there when shopping early morning before making my way to the office,  but this is now only a memory. They removed the road and transformed it into a pedestrian zone, Now there are only a few parking spaces. I find it an improvement and we really do not have problems with the traffic smells.

Perhaps a taxi  bringing people to their hotel, or business people visiting their shops circulate in the core of the town..  Even the outside roads where the stores are have very little traffic. We Solothurn people seem to be left to our own devices.


It is now Sunday morning and I should now move on. Yes, the sunflower field is still there and every day when I pass by I just have to take a photo. Yesterday the clouds hovering above the Jura mountains made a nice cover to it all.

Have a good Sunday, may the sun shine on you and relax. I know I will. Even lunch is easy cooking today: steak and french fries/chips and a veg – what could be better?

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    That white ‘store’ is . . . unique.
    An abandoned apartment building in Los Angeles was spray painted all white as an are exhibit just before it was demolished. The palm trees were white too. It was weird.

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