FOWC with Fandango: Penchant

Chilli con carne

I decided to make chilli con carne for the evening meal. I have a penchant, actually the whole family has the same penchant, to prepare a cooked meal on Saturday evening.: perhaps pasta, something with pastry, or a chilli con carne. I also have a penchant with my chilli to use the same ingredients because we all like them. However, I did not consider my new store in town which has good choices, but not the same as the super store where I did my shopping when I had a car.

I/we like peppers in our chilli with various colours: red, yellow and orange and of course green. I forgot the green pepper so this was one of the reasons I went into town this afternoon. This store had only green peppers together with red. Luckily it was the cheaper sort so I now have three peppers to use after using the green one. Then there was the problem of the little hot sharp chilli that I usually cook with my mixture. This other store does not have them in their choice, so I added an extra helping of chilli pepper. It was not the same thing, but better than nothing. And then there was the bean problem. I could get my little red Indian beans with no problem, but we also like the big white kidney beans and this store does not have them in their choice. Luckily I had a tin in my cellar stock, so the day was saved.

Penchants as a routine are not such a problem, but others tend to make the problems. Next week I will be making my monthly online order from the store and I will be ordering about 10 tins of the white beans just to be sure.

FOWC with Fandango: Penchant

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