RDP Friday: Layoff

18.01 (69)

I wheel past this derelict kiosk in the underpass below one of our crossroads when going into town. It was once a thriving kiosk with newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, candies/sweets and all the rest of the stuff belonging to a kiosk. About 20 years ago it was closed. We never really understood why, there were always customers. Most probably it was a question of money.

Today I had a surprise when I saw it had been opened again. It even looked quite clean and had been organised to look like a shop.


Inside it was sparkling clean, all in white and there was a guy organising the shelves. There was also a lady that seem to be the person in charge. I was trying to guess what it might be and saw various boxes and packing that might be handy for a cake shop. I asked the lady and she said it was going to be part of the Zart Exhibition 2020 which I had not heard about, although I did notice that some strange artistic objects were appearing in town. The link is even in English, probably for the few tourists that might arrive. I asked if it would be OK to take a photo and she answered with an enthusiastic yes.  I am now hoping that our old neglected kiosk will be revived and awakened to new life, although it is probably only for the time of the exhibition.

RDP Frida: Layoff

4 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Layoff

    • That is what I am hoping. There will be various objects all over town. I already discovered one this week and did not realise what it was. They will be spread around, so at least there will be a safe distance from it all.

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