FOTD 3rd July 2020: Campanula


A couple of days ago I discovered this plant growing in my garden, actually there are two others but the buds have not yet opened. I remember there was a special theme early in the year where the supermarket was giving away packets of seeds and other gardening objects for points you would collect. The seed packets were free and I was spreading them all over the garden. I now realise that this is the product of one of the sorts we were given. I must say it is really looking good. I took the photo this morning with my iPhone camera and perhaps got a little too close. It seems to be a so-called campanula. I just noticed that even a bee similar insect was approaching.

FOTD 3rd July 2020: Campanula

6 thoughts on “FOTD 3rd July 2020: Campanula

  1. Some sort of tall campanula appeared in one of the landscapes two years ago. I do not remember when it arrived, but needed to deadhead it last year. Even though it is in a public landscape, I let the floral stalks deteriorate and start to dry before cutting them. I then chopped them up and tossed them about where I thought more of the same would be nice for this year. There might be too many now. Oh well, they are pretty.

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