Good Morning


Sometimes I wonder how the time flies after I stop hugging the bed. I rose at 8.45 approximately, made son’s bed, folded a blanket that I washed yesterday. made a bite of breakfast and got myself organised for an outside breakfast on the porch. Then I found another blanket to clean. The blankets belonged to Tabby so I had to remove Tabby fur to prepare them for the machine. Something is really missing in the morning now. I always checked her recycling tray, emptied it and she would decide to take the first breath of fresh air when she walked past me to the garden.

At the moment I have a tidying up fad. I had such a mixture of watering cans together with my garden clogs outside on the porch and otherwise too many plants on the outside table that I actually took the trouble to re-arrange it all, and now I have space again.


And how is this for a peasant surprise. I still have my Christmas cactus, although it did not do very much last Christmas. It lost all it little buds and did not even flower. again However, I did not give up hope and since the warmer days it is outside on the porch. I noticed that there was a little colour and I have a bud: a big bud which is growing daily. It seems there is life in the cactus and it might re-awaken from its sleep at last.


I was off to town again yesterday to the supermarket as provisions were a little low for dinner and tea. On the way home I took my old route along the river. These two pigeons seemed to be enjoying the view from their balcony.

It is now summer, so those without their own gardens are now making the most of the open spaces along the river for a sun bath or are floating around on the river on their rafts. I am one of the lucky ones I suppose, having a porch and garden to relax in. I have noticed that since I am wheeling around more in my chair I am getting a wheelchair tan on my arms, face and legs when wearing my shorts. I was always one of the lucky ones to have a skin with no sun problems that immediately turns brown in the sun. My dad had the same type of skin. Mum was more like a beetroot when she sat in the sun.


As I wheeled along the river I was again rewarded with a wonderful view on the Jura in the background and the growing cornfields. The sky was also playing its part in the scenery. The white buildings in the distance are part of the estate where I live.

My supermarket chain is really making my buying life interesting. I was invited to join their club for more benefits, costing only 8.50 francs per month, and notice the improvement. I am getting double the benefits I had up to now and am overwhelmed with bonus. On the other hand it is almost becoming a university challenge to work out everything. It might sound a bit silly, but it is the major part of my life now. We have no interest in travelling, or belonging to a golden oldie club where you would be surrounded with too many other golden oldies. We live in a nice place with friendly neighbours and wonderful sights, so what could be better.

Today is a day more or less at home, although I might go somewhere this afternoon, but not very far. I did not upload my chair yesterday, but still have enough power for an hour’s tour of the village.


There was a storm hovering around in the distance yesterday and the evening showed itself with wonderful colours. When I eventually began to hug the bed I heard the pitter patter of the raindrops on the garden, which was very soothing.

And so have a good day, make the most of it and don’t get too close to anyone. According to where you are, wear a mask. They make us women more mysterious than we already are.

22 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Yes .. I concur with the previous comment … many nice ideas. Also a beautiful photo of the golden sky. Good to know you are up and about … congratulations on the cactus flower … have a great day … SLP ….

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  2. That last photo, especially, is beautiful. We have been getting that Sahara Dust which was supposed to give us ‘magnificent sunsets.’ All we have had is very hot, hazy days.

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  3. Good afternoon, your green thumb is showing Christmas cacti blooming now and orchids with buds. Last night our sunset was starting to show colors. Again, the moon was out and hoping it will out on the 4th, our national holiday. I am hoping no fireworks. It has been quiet since firecracker burned a large portain of the sagebrush land. Have pleasant jouney shopping or your trip.

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    • I was astonished to see the Christmas cactus with its flower. The moon is getting bigger, although I don’t think it will be a full one for 4th July. Our 4th July is 1st August and there will be no celebrations with fireworks, too much danger with the social distancing. I just did a quick tour of the village this afternoon, and it was quite pleasant. Met a few cows on the way.

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