RDP Tuesday: Explain


In the times of corona virus we had a lockdown for a month or two, cannot remember how long exactly. Our restaurant mile was no longer a restaurant mile. It was a ghost mile: no tables, no seats and no umbrellas, but now lockdown is over due to sinking numbers of victims. No, wait a minute, last week-end we had a so-called Superspreader in the Flamenco Club in Zürich, whatever that is. He managed to infect five people who were in the club with him in the evening, and 100 people all had to  be isolated and tested. It seems we will never learn, despite the continuous explanations on the media.

And so life gets back to normal, or perhaps abnormal. There are people again siting on our restaurant mile. This was mid afternoon today. I dread to think how it would look in the evening and hope that there will be no superspreaders enjoying a drink with friends outside. As I was travelling by wheelchair in the middle and did not stop for a drink anywhere, I kept my 1-2 meter distance.

RDP Tuesday: Explain

5 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Explain

  1. It’s just weird. Some of the states that opened quickly are now experiencing extreme growth in virus cases. Some government guys who refused to wear masks are now supporting them. I don’t know. 😦

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  2. Over here in Melbourne Vic, we’re seeing an alarming rise in numbers in certain areas. The premier of the state of Vic has locked down 10 postcodes for four weeks (not my area though). The entire metro region will be locked down again very soon, I reckon. Our numbers of infected are reported as 60, 70 new cases, reported each morning. It’s a disaster. So much worse than late March, April.

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    • We were down to 10 new cases a day inn Switzerland but. It has begs to rise to 40-50 a day. Our area In Switzerland is still quite free of new cases. It isn’t looking so good at the moment


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