Good Morning


Sometimes it is worth being a little later in the morning. the sun has risen, high in the sky, and doing its best for a good start to the day. It is cleaning lady day so I am a little later with this, that and the other, but lunch is cooking, the apartment is smelling of flavours and I am ready to go. I have already polished up my windows. I also had the sad work of brushing a large blanket cover removing the remainders of Tabby’s fur. She went to her 10th life yesterday and we are all missing her. Something is missing at home. It is the first time in eighteen years that I am catless.


I was on a shopping tour yesterday in town to the supermarket. I used to drive to the next village to the store, which was quite a large shop, but now I travel by wheelchair to town which also has quite a good selection. I just enjoying going places and seeing people. The white boards next to the supermarket are where there used to be the entrance to one of our town hotels. The owners have now closed the hotel, due to retirement and I hear it will be converted to apartments, but am not sure. I find the glass window front of the supermarket shows the opposite buildings quite well.


Our cathedral was looking quite good as I passed through town, the sun had reflected well on the front.

This afternoon I will be in town as well. I have a few odd and ends to get and I am still trying to persuade Mr. Swiss to come as well on his new snazzy scooter, but he is still thinking about it. There is a street café next to the store and he could have a coffee whilst waiting for me, but he really needs to be persuaded.


I pass by the museum gardens as I go into town, which is also looking quite good. I should really visit the museum one day. My wheelchair would not be able to climb the steps to the entrance, but they also have a lift which is used for the transport of their exhibits and also for visitors with mobile difficulties like myself, so it would be no problem.

I can also hear the sound of an ambulance passing through at the moment and the horn has now stopped somewhere in the village. I hope that there was not an accident anywhere.


Our new field of sunflowers is looking better every day as more and more are showing their flowers. With a background of the Jura, what could be better.


I am sitting in my sort of office room with a wonderful view on the front garden and notice that my buddleia bush has now begun to flower.

Have a good day everyone, may the sun be shining on you, although it might be that you have night where you are. Stay well and safe.

29 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Tabby. I know what it is like to lose a beloved pet. With us it is dogs. I hope you can manage to have a nice day nevertheless. Love sunflowers Pat. Sorry I have not been visiting much. Been so tired. Still, better late than never.

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  2. You have our sympathies over the loss of kitty. Once your husband decides to go out on the scooter .. .you know he will LOVE it … and wonder why he did not start it sooner. So there is that. Have a great day. Keep sharing the awesome photos … SLP …

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  3. Good Morning!
    Is ‘Astoria’ the name of the hotel that was there? That is also the name of the town on the extreme northwestern corner of Oregon, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.

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  4. Good afternoon, After several years We still miss having a furbaby . The pain gets better slowly but it stays with you. Every time I do a block I learn something. I don’t think I will use their removable blocks. We spent some time in Astoria as there are of US history there. Have safe journey and I understand MR. SWiss not wanting to in heavy traffics. Most stores have carts you can sit in but my eyes are so poor that I am afraid I would hit some careless shopper with the cart.

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    • We had cats for 18 years, we grew old with them. Now it seems strange that we no longer have a cat.
      Astoria was just the name of the hotel. I wish we had such carts to drive around in, it would make it easier with the shopping bags. I just have to be careful when steering my wheelchair. It can more quite fast, so I have to keep a slower tempo.

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  5. I am so sorry to hear about Tabby — she will be missed by many people and cats! I do love seeing your world as you travel around it in your chair — today I especially love the sunflower shot!

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    • It will be a long while, if not forever, that Tabby will be missed.
      Since I do not have a car, I can take photos now more freely. Sometimes just with my iPhone. and sometimes I take my Nikon with me.

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