RDP Monday: Salty


Is it really necessary to have so many sorts of salt? No, definitely not, but that is today’s luxury life. According to Mr. Swiss, I never use enough salt. According to me I use enough. Is it my fault that his taste buds have been worn down over the years, probably due to using too much salt on his food.

I remember when I was a kid and we would buy a packet of crisps. The potato chips were not salted as today. You got a small blue twisted piece of wax paper in the bag, and it would contain salt. You had to mix the salt with the potatoes yourself. Just pour it into he bag, give it a shake, and you had salted crisps. It is probably only grey haired golden oldies like myself that remember the times of do it yourself saltiness.

RDP Monday: Salty

8 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Salty

  1. I remember those little blue bags of salt in the crisps. I wish they still did that in a way as I often find them too salty for my taste. I seem to remember being told that my grandfather had a part time job filling those little bags after he retired. I think mum worked at a crisp factory for a while either in Clacton or Bexhill where she lived before that.
    I use practically no salt. I don’t put it on my food and only the merest wave of the salt cellar over anything I’m cooking on the stove. I’m puzzled by the different types of salt available too. I’m also puzzled by the craze for things like salted caramel. Why do people want salt in sweets and even in icecream? I just don’t get it.

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