Good Morning


I am later than usual, but perhaps it is better, as it did not stop raining until about an hour ago. Now the clouds are lifting a little and the sun is peeping through now and again. I notice every time I enter WordPress to write something it tells me to use the new WordPress editor. I tried it once enthusiastically, and otherwise more by accident., and I am not impressed.  Perhaps it is a matter of getting into the routine. WordPress wants me to write everything in blocks, and I do not want to write things in blocks. I am always ready for improvement, but this is nothing different to what I already do, just without blocks. I call them paragraphs and they work well. I do not have to put every text or every photo into a block. I just write and it works.


I went for a wheelie yesterday, just in the local area and visited the cows. There are only a few in a field, the others are not only let out in the evening for the night as even they can get a little uncomfortable in their coats during the day under the sun.


I also met a couple of chickens. This are the special sort. The normal laying hens are now in another place, not so suitable for a wheelchair approach.

In the meanwhile my vet paid a visit and we said a last goodbye to Tabby our cat. It was sad, but she was an 18 year old lady and had had a good life with us. She is now living her 10th life in the eternal corn chambers, helping to keep the mice away. Both Mr. Swiss and I were with her in her last moments. The apartment now seems a little more empty without her.

And I should really go now. This afternoon I will  be off for a journey into town. We now have a blue sky with a few light clouds, as it looks like the rain has now gone. Have a good start to the week, wear your masks if necessary and stay safe. I leave you with a landscape view over our part of Switzerland from yesterday.


23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I am so sorry about Tabby, and even knowing that the end was near, it still is sad to let go of such a long and faithful friend.
    We visited dear friends in Wallis/Valais and had a wonderful weekend. Heavy rains and thunderstorms but never once bothering us – just excellent heavenly timing! Ate in the Cantine sur Coux high up over Champéry, a scenery as we only know normally from children’s books…. heavenly! And the Dents du Midi for nearly 1 minute with their heads free of clouds, just for one photo!!! 😉

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    • It seems strange that we no longer have our Tabby.
      I do not know Wallis so well, but we spent two holidays there in Crans-Montana. The first time we enjoyed it, but we returned about five years later again and it was completely different. The skipisten had certainly left their mark on nature. We always went there for our Summer holiday. It was then we would see Roland Colombin. He would always have youngsters with him and took them for rides on his motor bike. He was a very amusing person and quite fun.


    • Tabby was our last surviving cat. We had three, and it seems strange that we have no more. We especially miss Tabby as she was such a quiet happy cat and never made any problems.


  2. We are off with Bonnie is a few minutes. The thunder is rolling again. I guess the storm didn’t entirely leave. I thought it would be sunny today, but it’s gray and drizzly and I think going to rain some more. We never get moderate weather anymore. We get crazy storms, intense heat, too-warm winters and freezing spring. AND no autumn. I’m not sure we’ll ever bring back the weather we used to have.

    I may take tomorrow off. I already wrote most of tomorrow stuff anyway. Love to you both.

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    • We were glad that we could be with Tabby until the end. She was really in a bad way. she went quietly and the vet was very kind and explained everything to us. After 18 years of having cats at home it is now strange that we have no more, but it was a good time with them all.
      We had a rainy night but today a lovely sunny day. I am now getting a wheelchair sun tan.


  3. Good afternoon sorry about Tabby, it was her time. I know what like to lose a friend.
    I am using the blocks and every time I do something new is learned. You can write paragraph. Just don, the enter button, you do you get request for new block or a lot of dropdowns of reusable blogs. The last one I did, I spent most of morning it. WordPress keeps moving me along in there concept of a post. They have made no allowances for oldies. I dan’t move as fat as they want. Stay safe!

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    • We now have to get used to life without Tabby.
      I am not using blocks, I do not need them, and it is still working without. I do not need anything new. Why repair it when it isn’t broken.

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  4. Tabby will be missed. I can imagine the house being so quiet without the little four-legged ones. The chickens certainly got all spruced up for you! What a pretty one this is. You and Mr Swiss take care, Pat.

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    • It was a difficult week with her, not knowing what to do, but knowing that the inevitable would happen. She was getting thinner every day, although she was still trying to walk, but her legs would hardly carry her. Now she is gone forever, but she is already being missed. She was always there and now no longer.


  5. Rest in peace Tabby. She had a long and happy life with you and Mr Swiss and now she will see her cat companions again.
    Regarding WordPress I have been getting the same message when I log in as well even though I actually changed to blocks some time ago. Now that I am used to it I find that when I am writing paragraphs there is no real need to do anything as starting one initiates a new block. It is only adding things like images and headings which is a bit different. Mostly it’s fine except when WP plays up and won’t let me use the gallery feature or hides all my pictures. Then I just leave it and come back later. There is also still the option to go to the code editor which I occasionally do if I am trying to add a picture I found on another website. So I manage but I agree with you. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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    • It seems strange without Tabby I always had a cat and now have none. We are now too old for any pets.
      I don’t see any point or improvements in the block system. I do a lot using html and add my photos from google or Flickr using html. I don’t need blocks for that. I once completed a web assistant course which is a great help

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