RDP Thursday: Fire in the Sky

1st August Fireworks

If you happen to fly over Switzerland on 1st August you might think that the country is on fire. It is our national day, yes we have one. As custom would have it, every village, even town, lights a bonfire somewhere, usually on a mountain peak if you happen to have a mountain. Various places also have a celebration, again coupled with a fire, not to forget the fireworks. I took the above photo at our town celebrations. Fire tends to wander on a photo and gets a bit shaky if you are not using a tripod but who cares.

Schanz, Solothurn, 1st August

This photo was from the town celebrations in 2012 which was the last time I attended. I remember it began to rain afterwards. They usually hold the firework display around our old fortress in the moat.

RDP Thursday: Fire in the Sky

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