Good Morning


As usual my first picture of the day. Some might have missed me yesterday, but one thing led to another and I never got round to writing anything. There are days in the life of a blogger that are not as they should be and yesterday was one of them. It was a cleaning lady day which means that I am always later with my blog. It was also the day when I got my new card for my post account. That was no problem and everything was OK, but ….. my machine that reads the card for entrance to the account told me it needed a new battery. I did not even know it had a battery. After loosening the screw I found it had two round batteries, the sort you never have at home as they are something a little different. I had no intention of going anywhere near a battery store yesterday so I sent No. 1 son on the quest, but he only goes into town in the afternoon.

In the meanwhile I wanted to upload an app on my telephone and it would not accept my password which I had not changed, and never changed. Again a misunderstanding with Apple and I managed to solve this hurdle in the afternoon with connections to my Mac computer and a new password. In the meanwhile Apple had blocked my account on the iphone.  I find cautions are very good, but they can really get a little bothersome, very bothersome, sometimes often. My batteries arrived via No. 1 son and then I really had to catch up on a few payments and other organisatorial stuff. Eventually it was evening meal time and after eating I really had no power left to write my blogs.

I also have a problem with my one and only cat. Tabby who is now 18 years old and an elderly lady. She sleeps most of the time. She has kidney problems and takes medicine daily  and has special food, but she has stopped eating for almost a week, although she still drinks. I contacted my vet and we both decided that Tabby’s time is approaching. I could take her to the vet to have her kidneys washed, but we both agreed that it would just be postponing the inevitable. An agreement was reached that when I felt it was Tabby’s time the vet would call past and send her to the eternal corn chambers for a life of mice catching.  Tabby has no pain, and just sleeps so I will leave her to her own thing as I do not want to bother her too much. I will probably be closing her blog in the next week some time.


Otherwise life goes on as usual. My last shopping trip was Monday. I just went to the local store for a few things, although my few things are often more than a few things. Anyhow I had two bags full which I had given to the collector guys to take home for me. As I was wheeling on home in my chair I had to move to the side of the path to let him pass me. We greeted and I laughed and said he was probably on his way to me and he said he was. As I turned the corner I saw that he had parked his bike with attachment for the shopping on the path whilst bringing the bags, so now you can see how it is done with his bike.  They are such friendly young men.


Insect life is also getting interesting and this little one settled on my shopping bag on the way to the store. I think he was just enjoying the ride. Looks like a ladybird, but the colours are more hippy like. Perhaps it is the new fashion for bugs.


The bees are also getting quite busy in the garden and now the big boys and girls have arrived to reap the benefits of the pollen.

And now I should move on, although I am not in a hurry to go anywhere. This afternoon is the big escape when I am on my way to town for food hunting. Have a good day everyone, may the sun shine where you are, although those over the pond are probably in the darkness of the night.

The montbretia are now flowering in the neighbour’s garden.



31 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Have a good day Pat. It’s never easy when we have to say goodbye to our furry friends, but I’ve learned over time to let go when it’s best for them and not for me.

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    • But Tabby seems no to want to let go. Poor thing is not eating, but drinking and getting thinner every day. I spoke to the vet, but there is nothing we can really do. With 18 years she has lived a good life and I am just making her as comfortable as possible. She is not suffering, just worn out and sleeping most of the time.


    • Tabby sleeps a lot and drinks water in between. Food just does not interest her, but she has no discomfort as far as I can see. She is just spending her last days I think and I make her as comfortable as possible.


  2. I did miss you yesterday….. I am so sorry about Tabby. It is never a good thing when they stop eating. Much as it pained me, I didn’t want my cats poked and prodded just to prolong the inevitable. My girls will miss their mentor.

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  3. I had that same trouble too with the batteries for my post app…. and I lived in France! Difficult to find the right batteries too.
    As for Tabby: What can one say? Nothing. There is great sadness and grief to come but also, I guess, much thankfulness for the long, long and happy life your pet had lived in your and M’s company. What I DO like is that pets are allowed (contrary to humans) to be releaved from their pains when their time comes. I’m NOT a friend of Exit etc but for so many of my elderly friends it would have been so very helpful to have a decent possibility to ‘go’, instead of all the long and sometimes terrible continuing suffering. Sending you strength to do what you must do and then consolation in your heart.

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    • My post app machine now works very well. It was not difficult to get the batteries, just not something you have handy in a cupboard somewhere.
      Tabby is still around, sleeps a lot but seems to be comfortable with no pain. the vet said that having kidney problems does not necessarily mean they have pain and it often goes unnoticed. However she is the same opinion as I am. We leave Tabby to her own thing and see how she goes. When the time would come we would be there for her.

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  4. I am so sorry to hear that you will be saying goodbye to Tabby soon but I agree with you. At eighteen it’s kinder to just let her go than to delay the inevitable. i hope she has a few more good days with you before then.

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    • She was six weeks old when she chose us and spent the first 12 years with two of our other cats, one being her litter sister Nera. Nera left us some years ago, but Tabby just kept on going and now it seems her time is approaching.

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    • it is the third cat I am one day saying goodbye to, but she has no pain and great problems. She has no interest in food, but is still drinking. I just leave her to sleep


  5. I am sorry to read about Tabby, I know the lose of a friend. I still miss Kato even though it has been several years since he passed. I feel your pain. Your bug picture is a Ladybug. Do you know the shaped the larva? It is a long blue shape. As a master gardener, we often saw it as people would bring in for ID Have a better today.

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    • Tabby was a cat that never seemed to have problems or illnesses, but now her time is slowly coming.
      I thought it was a ladybug,but they are usually red with black spots. We never see the larva, just the finished products.

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  6. I had a frustrating experience with Apple, too, although it was actually the credit card bank which caused the problem. I went to the Apple store on Saturday (it just re-opened) and bought a new iPad. when I paid my credit Card was declined. My credit is outstanding and this has never happened. I tried calling the bank but they have reduced hours due to the pandemic so I couldn’t reach anyone until Monday. I paid with my debit card. When I returned home there was a fraud alert in my email. I‘m supposed to get a text message, too, but didn’t. I guess Apple is the first place people go to use stolen credit cards and mine triggered a red flag. Is everything a problem these days? I am loving the brand new iPad. I got the maximum storage and memory. The old one was getting very slow and crashing all the time.

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    • I gave my old phone (iPhone X) to my No. 2 son when I bought the newest one. He really had problems to get it registered by Apple. I had to send him the receipt for when I bought it and a few other documents and it was only then that they accepted it. It is now all OK, but apple really overdo it sometimes.He was always using Samsung otherwise.
      I bought a new iPad a few years ago also with the maximum strage and memory, although I did not really need so much space. It is still working perfectly


  7. I did miss you yesterday, so I’m glad it wasn’t something tragic. We are at the end of the run with Bonnie. We’ve managed to keep her comfortable, but I think that there’s not much left for her. She’s blind, deaf, and has mild doggy dementia and all SHE does is sleep. We should have dealt with this weeks ago, but no one wanted to be the one to say “now’s the time” so we’ve been procrastinating.

    I thought we might get rain today. i heard thunder, but no rain arrived so i guess not. We really need rain badly.

    Hugs to you and Tabby,


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    • Tabby doesn’t seem to be unhappy, just tired and no more energy.I have noticed it for a couple of weeks and I am glad I spoke to our vet yesterday on the phone which has put my mind a rest. I just want tabby to slip away quietly, perhaps i her sleep. If I notice she is suffering then I will have done what is to be done. Actually I was glad for a day away from the routine yesterday as I had a few things to tidy up.


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