Good Morning


I was standing in the spotlight this morning when I opened the window to look out. Not the window of the bedroom, that was just tilted. Did not want to wake Mr. Swiss, so I was in the next room. Looks like another normal Summer Day. I noticed  how bright the evening was yesterday being the longest day of the year, and now we are slowly returning to the gloom of Winter. However, it is only June and we have a few more months to go and now Mr. Swiss has suddenly appeared. We just had a blackout, suddenly my computer tells me no connection and he appeared. However when he arrived in the kitchen the electricity had returned and now our electric clocks are three minutes behind the time. Someone must have pulled a wrong switch at the power station. It made me realise how helpless we are when it happens. The worst is that the computer no longer has a connection.


Yesterday was also a pleasant day  but it was also quite comfortable at home, so I decided to stay. On the other hand I had completed my blogging hobby and the weather was looking good. I decided to make the most of the early evening and take a wheelie towards the castle. Things seem to look more inviting in the late afternoon light. Here you can see the local farm where they have the chickens and horses and a few other animals. As I wheeled past I saw something interesting in their grounds.


I first thought it to be a goose, but it was probably a duck species and she had her baby with her. This was really a feast for the camera. The farm no longer seem to have so many other animals and they have shifted the chicken mobiles to another place which is a bit too stony and rocky to get to with my wheelchair.


Afterwards mummy duck decided to leave


followed by baby of course.

I had not intended to stay away very long as I still had a pile of ironing at home to complete. I began the ascent to the castle when my wheelchair told me that I had too little reserve to climb. I was already on yellow with the switch, instead of green,  and it suddenly changed to a flickering red, so I turned and returned home. I actually only wanted to run the battery down with my excursion as it is not so good when it is always fully loaded. After have it on the electricity all night it is now fully loaded for my next excursion to the store today. However I found that a summer evening excursion is quite pleasant and the weather is a little more comfortable.

Actually I was quite pleased with myself. I managed to do the ironing, upload my photos and write a couple of challenges all by eight in the evening, so had time for a little TV viewing. There was such an interesting programme. It was a film on the BBC TV about the times of Magaret Thatcher the first female Prime Minister of the Brits from 1979-1990. I remember the time, although I was then already in Switzerland, but followed it from afar. I was not really one of her fans, not being a supporter of the conservatives, but so many years later I see the situation with different points of view. I must say she was a very special sort of woman. I noticed that she spoke with a composed voice, never losing control and a slight laugh on her face. The programme also dealt with the downfall of Edward Heath, another figure from the past and her predecessor. Tonight there is the second part and I will definitely be watching.

And now to conquer today’s problems, although up to now smooth runnings, except for the power failure.


Wishing all a good beginning to the week and may it be a good one.

22 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The movie where Meryl Streep plays Margaret Thatcher was very interesting … I watched it on a long plane ride a few years ago. The goose … it looks like some sort of cross with a duck .. with the frizzy down coat .. interesting color … dunno what it is …. will try to find out … great pictures, glad you had a nice day … look forward to today being another good one … SLP ….

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  2. I think it might be an Emperor Goose … although the color is wrong … but maybe crossed with a swan? Dunno … although the feet definitely look like a duck … dunno … SLP …

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  3. It’s funny with her voice. It got slower and deeper over the years, and it was all deliberate, due to training. It was felt (by “advisors”) that she would sound more “prime ministerial” that way. But there are distinct differences between when she was first elected leader and when she was kicked out.

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  4. Oh, that last picture is ivy geranium, Pelargonium peltatum. It looks so European to me, because it is popular in window boxes of those tall residential buildings in so many towns, particularly Venice, where there is not much space to grow things on the ground. They cascade nicely from window boxes, and their aromatic foliage is supposed to deter mosquitoes from windows left slightly open at the bottom (where the foliage is). I do not think that it works, but people have been doing it for a long time. Trailing rosemary and nasturtium serve the same purpose.

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  5. Good afternoon, The picture of the unknown looks like a goose to me but it is probably a hybrid. The Next time I get up I will look in by bird book of choice. After my greenhouse trip, my room looks like a flower garden. Details are om WordPress blog. Enjoy your shopping outing.

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