FOWC with Fandango: Disruption


My afternoon was disrupted by this. Just look at it. I moved a large heavy stone and beneath there must have been thousands of ants swarming around. Some even had wings, and wings really do not belong to an ant, unless it is is a mega sized nest.

I got a little suspicious when Mr. Swiss killed an ant crawling across my kitchen table yeterday evening. Admittedly it was only one ant, but you never know. Today I found the source of the  problem. They had settled in the corner of one of my raised beds and had infiltrated the space between the layer bricks.

There are various cures for this invasion. You can get an ant trap, which is a box full of ant poison. It attracts the ants, the ant takes a walk in the box and afterwards spreads the poison on its feet all around the nest when it returns. However, this is a process which would take a couple of weeks.

I have the ideal solution. I went shopping this afternoon and bought a litre bottle of the cheapest mineral water I could find complete with gassy bubbles. When I got home I emptied the complete bottle into the space where the ants had made their home. Within five minutes there was not an ant to be seen anywhere. The secret is that the carbon dioxide gas in the water suffocates the ants as it removes their oxygen supply, especially the queen which puts a stop to more ants being born. It is the best and most efficient way to prevent a disruption of normal life in the garden.

FOWC with Fandango: Disruption

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Disruption

  1. I’ll have to try your mineral water solution. We’ve been invaded by tiny black ants and, because we have a dog and a cat, I don’t want to use toxic chemicals to treat the problem.

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    • i read it somewhere on internet . At the time I had a. Nest in my garden lawn. I emptied a liter.of Mineral,Water over the Nest and the ants disappeared. Today It was exactly the same, no more ants. I have a cat and for the same reason I do not want to use poison

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